Friday, October 15, 2010

Game 4: Anemic as fuck

In a sentence
Anemic Wings get blown out in a pathetic effort in Dallas.

The first opened with a Dallas attack that drew a penalty. They scored on it very fast on a shot from the point. After that the game was tentative. The Wings had the puck the most, but didn't get any chances. The Stars had some chances, but didn't manage to hit the goal. Their best came off a terrible turnover from Nick. Then the Wings got a nice attack with some chances, but right after that the Stars got another PP. Luckily it was killed off due to good PK and an amazing save by Ozzie. The game continued it's tentative and weird pace after it and no team managed to get anything going. Towards the end, the Wings got two PPs. They got some chances on them, but couldn't keep pressure or get set up and settled down.

The second was UGLY. After just 41 second Nick and Stuart got caught standing around. They didn't stop the guy with the puck, they didn't get the man in front. 2-0. The Wings kinda had the play after that, but got no good chances. Instead the Stars got away with their second hook of the period and seconds later Z coughed it up, Stuart went for the puck carrier, who Nick would have had, made Nick just get shoved out of the play, leaving Stuy's man open. Morrow scored on a weird, broken shot. Then the Wings got two PPs, but got little to nothing out of them. A couple of chances, but they just couldn't set up and settle down. Terrible. They had some chances after the second PP and Hudler hit the post (the Wings' third) with an open net, but instead Stuart didn't manage to take his man AT ALL (FUCKING WEAK) and the Stars scored again. The Stars got another PP to end the period, but luckily didn't score.

The third started with some Wings pressure. Then the Stars pushed back for a bit, but no team had big chances. Midway through the period the Wings got on the PP and at the tail end of it they finally got set up properly. Bertuzzi found Kronner with a nice pass and he made no mistakes. After that the Wings had some more chances, but didn't score. Would have been too little, too late anyway.

- Janik forechecked once. Weeeeird.
- Classy of them to give Mo a standing ovation.
- Mule got hurt on a borderline hit in the first and left the game.
- Kronner with a huge turnover on the PP. He was bad as usual, but not nearly as bad as Stuart. Nick had a bad game too. And Kronner finally scored, which was nice.
- I didn't notice Janik much, which meant he did okay.
- The offense was pretty lame too. Found no space to work on.
- While non of the goals were directly on Ozzie, he did not have a good game.
- Kindl silently had a good game.
- The Wings outshot the Stars badly. Way to not capitalize.
- Credit the Stars with being effective, playing like a team, clogging the neutral zone, not giving up ANY space, being first on loose pucks, being hard on the puck carrier and generally giving the Wings a hard night.

3 things that worked
- Say
- What?
- At least we didn't get shut out.

3 things that didn't work
- Anemic in both ends of the ice.
- Still bad turnovers.
- Terrible power play

Play of the game
The only goal. Bert's pass to Kronner.

Player of the game
Pavel looked like he tried.

Final words
Pityful. Terrible. A waste. A team that plays like this will win no games. Still, no time to panic, but the team has to wake up.

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