Saturday, October 16, 2010

Game 5: Winning again.

In a sentence
Wings wake up after one and pull out win in overtime.

The first was quick and boring. The Wings started the best, but then Hudler took a moronic hooking penalty. The Wings killed it off, but even though they got two (very) unsuccessful PPs could make up for the momentum it gave the Coyotes. And on a faceoff with half a minute left, Helm lost it. Nick and Stuart lost their guys AGAIN (WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE OUR BEST DEFENSEMEN GOD DAMN IT! YOU SHOULD NOT DO SHIT LIKE THE LAST TWO GAMES!) and Hanzal scored. 1-0. Not good by Howard either, but most of the blame has to go to the defense.

The second started with some Wings pressure they had control and kept it until Eaves scored off a pass from Pasha. As it turned out Eaves didn't touch it. Pavel's goal. The Wings pressured for a little after that, but then the Coyotes took over. The game was pretty open, but they had a little more pressure and they got 2 PPs which we killed off nicely. With 20 seconds left we got the cheapest PP ever, but couldn't do anything with that time.

The third started on the PP, but it sucked. They didn't get shit done. Instead the Jets dominateed the start of this period. But after 2-3 minutes Winnipeg took a double minor. Except for minute 2 of those 4 minutes the Wings played well, but the chances should have been bigger and they should have scored. After that it went back and forth through the rest of period, with both teams killing off another penalty.

In the Overtime the Jets first took one penalty and the Wings were close to scoring on that one. And then they took another (or they took two, Homer took one) and seven seconds before the end of it Kronner won the game on a point shot and I probably woke every neighbour by screaming yeeaaaahhhhh

- Jiri Hudler, please get hurt or get traded or something. You never had the heart and you never will.
- After a good start Kindl looked much, much weaker in this game. He struggled and also took a dumb penalty.
- Dave Strader might have been good with the Wings, but he is too much of a homer and Tyson Nash is just the biggest homer in the league (other than Bob Errey). Dear ESPNPlayer, I want Ken and Mick!
- Kronner had a much better game and notched his second for the winner.

3 things that worked
- Good bounceback in the second.
- Kept it up in the third.

3 things that didn't work
- Could not take control of the game from the start and gave away another lead in the last minute.
- Didn't win it earlier
- Bad PP effectiveness

Play of the game
The Kronwalls shot that won the game.

Player of the game
I think Todd Bertuzzi was the game's best player. He worked hard and set up a lot of chances.

Final words
A WIN! Drunk Andy is happy!

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