Friday, October 22, 2010

Game 6: JIMMAH!

In a sentence
Inconsistent Wings battle and get bailed out by good goaltending to pull out a nice win.

In the beginning of the first the Wings definitely had pressure and good chances. But then Kindl took a penalty and only luck and Jimmah managed to keep the Flames from scoring. The Flames took over after that and had the pressure for the middle part of the period. With 7-8 minutes left the Wings pushed back a bit, but instead they got scored on. Kindl followed a man back behind the goal and Modano followed behind them. The Flames player passed it to another player behind the net, Salei went after him and that made 3 Wings be trapped behind the net, leaving Västerås-native Mikael Backlund alone in front to score his second NHL goal. Shortly after the Wings scored. Datsyuk and Z had a two-on-one and Pasha fed Z a beauty. But right after that again a broken play ended in front of the goal, where Janik couldn't hold off his guy and Backlund got his second of the night. The Wings pressured after that, but didn't get any goals, despite good chances.

The second started with some good Wings play and they got rewarded with an early power play. After a bad start, they got settled, Pasha deked a guy masterfully and found Nick who scored on a blast of a shot. They of course let the Flames back in the game after that and they got on a PP after a hook by Salei, but the penalty was killed off. After that, the Wings went right back on the PP. It was a weird PP with some good chances, but also some bad play. After that the game evened out for a little, before the Wings got another PP. Again they had some good chances, but no dice. Towards the end of it, Hudler got penalized for a very marginal interference. After a short 4-on-4 the Flip and Muled killed some time in the offensive zone and the rest was killed off too. The rest of the period went fast, with nothing major happening.

The third started with a big Calgary chance, where the Wings got away with one. Then the Wings took over and after seven minutes Mule got the puck at a bad angle. He tried to bank it off Kipper's mask, but it landed on his shoulders, but fell in when he leaned back. Of course the Wings let the Flames go straight to attack after that, but they took a penalty for goalie interference. That was soon negated by a phantom call on Modano. The Flames dominated the 4-on-4 and had good chances. When they started their brief PP Kronner had a terrible turnover and Salei had to knock the net off. The Flames were dangerous both the brief 5-on-3 and on the PP, but some nice plays, luck and some amazing saves kept the lead. Right after the penalty ran out the Wings got a PP and had some chances on it. When that ran out the Flames started pushing to tie it, but instead Bertuzzi stole a puck on his own blue line, raced up ice and roofed it. The Flames seemed to give up after that and didn't even pull their goalie.

- Seriously, I hate the commercials where a company beats down on another.
- Ken sounded like he got aroused when Kronner lost his helmet and looked like an Old time hockey player.
- Janik did not have a good night tonight. He had a good offensive chance though.
- Kronner is looking better again, but had a terrible turnover.
- The refs were very inconsistent.
- Bert silently had himself a great game.
- Filppula had a very good defensive game.

3 things that worked
- Pretty good PP at times. Better movement.
- Jimmah had a good game
- Effective offense.

3 things that didn't work
- Defense still porous and makes big mistakes.
- Can't seem to keep momentum after scoring.
- Inconsistent.

Play of the game
The Eurotwins goal was a beauty.

Player of the game
Jimmy Howard gave the Wings the chance to win this.

Final words
Good win, now let's get it all together a little more before the Duck hunt.

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