Sunday, October 24, 2010

Game 7: Baaaarely.

In a sentence
Wings win an offensive game despite terrible defense.

The Wings started pretty well and got on the PP after nearly five minutes. The PP was terrible. After that Kronner Kronwalled Selänne heavily. A Duck tried to take revenge, but missed Franzén on an attempted headshot. But right after that Perry collided with Mule and got a penalty. On the PP Nick found Z who let off a blast that went in. Might have gone off the skate of Homer. The Wings soon got on another PP and had some more great chances on a great PP, but didn't score. After that the Ducks came back a little more and got on a PP after Helm half-tripped a guy. The penalty was nicely killed. Towards the end of the period Pavel had a great play where he just stopped, which fooled two guys and fed Kronner. Only a great save by McElhinney and a poor shot by Kronner made that not be a goal. Instead Stuy, Nick and Flip got caught by Ryan sneaking in and scoring in the last minute. Ugh.

The second period started with an energized Ducks team. They got several odd man rushes early and Koivu hit the post. The Wings looked flat. And after 6 mins Kindl and Salei got too weak in front on a rebound and Carter scored. Less than a minute later, a turnover by Janik lead to another goal by Syvret. The Wings slowly worked their way back in after that. And midway through the period it paid off. Lilja was weak on a play and Bert stole the puck from him. He fed the Mule, who had three whacks at the puck and scored on the last. The Wings pressed harder after that and with three minutes left, three straight shifts of good forecheck and great chances paid off when a shot from Stuy was redirect in masterfully by Homer. The Ducks had a late chance or two, but tied after 2.

The third period started with chances both ways, but Anaheim seemed the hungriest. And after eight minutes Selänne lead an odd man rush and scored on a nice shot. The Wings bounced back and after a face off win, Zetterberg scored on a nice shot. The game wet back and forth again after that, but the Wings had the most pressure and it paid off when Pavel took a rebound deked Lilja and scored on a perfect shot. Red Wings win!

- The Ducks are as nasty as ever.
- Big Sexy took a puck to the face HARD. Scary shit.
- Mule and Bert had another great game.
- Mick with the season's first stick rant.
- Kronner still has ways to go, but looks better and better.
- Before Z's tying goal the Joe played Metallica's For whom the bell tolls. Coincidence? I think not. I call it karma. Play a surefire top 10 all time song and you deserve a goal.

3 things that worked
- Had a better start.
- Good comeback in the second.
- All lines looked good offensively.

3 things that didn't work
- Another goal against in the last minute of a period. This has to stop.
- Lousy, anemic start to the second.
- Still too many defensive holes.

Play of the game
Pavel's stop-deke and feed to Kronner. Shame that Kronner couldn't finish.

Player of the game
Henrik Zetterberg with a four point night.

Final words
5 days until the next game. Can we tighten the D before that?


  1. Personally, I liked Pav's GWG as the play of the game. Straight through Clearys leg and into the net. Its something only Pav could pull off. That guy never ceases to amaze me!

  2. Good point. It was an amazing play. Then again.. Pavel makes the play of the game 3-4 times per game

  3. Can't stand Metallica. Other than that, spot on. Z takes the lead for points on the team.

  4. I love Metallica more than I love myself