Friday, October 15, 2010

I hope you're tougher than this in private, Mike

From Red Wings TV we got this video of the Mule, Mo and Babbles discussing the game last night and Mule's injury.

I said this in last night's recap of the Dallas game and I will say it again. This is not the time for us bloggers, the fans or the media to have a freakout. Yes we are 2-1-1 and we'd obviously love to be better than that, but there are 78 games left. Yeah, losing the Mule for some games would suck cause his line has been great. And the fact Rafa is out for 3-4 week is bad. For every game without him we all notice how much we need him and his breakout passes. However it is better to have those injuries now than in March. Much better.

I'm not gonna freak out about the team being crappy either. The Avs game was bad in many areas. I hoped they would learn from that and play with another level of effort and also eliminate some of the problems they've had in all the games. Last night was unacceptable. That doesn't bother me too much in the long run. There are new defense pairings, lots of switching around, new teammates, new lines, new everything. They will settle in. I am worried about Kronner in general, but he was slightly better last night. What I don't like was the anemic effort.

This Wings team is good enough to not play like that. You know it, I know it and I hope Babbles knows it. In that video he talks about having played hard and having done good things, but not being able to convert and Dallas having a good game (which they did). I think that's a smart strategy by Babbles. This is a little early for him to start chewing out his team in the media. However I do hope that he doesn't believe the crap he told the media. This team needs to focus. They need to play tougher with more energy. They need to eliminate the stupid mistakes. Phoenix WILL play us damn hard and there is no way in hell we wing that game if we play like that. So while I am pleased with what Babs said to the media, I really hope that he gives the guys an earful about focus and effort level at practice today. Be angry, Mike! Drive the point home. Cause you know this team can be better than what they have shown so far.

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