Friday, October 8, 2010

Pre-game- The poultry is coming to town

So, new season, new expectations, new hopes. I could write a page or five of cliches here, but let's get down to buisness. We're opening the season against the Ducks today and we're all fucking excited. The Wings are lacking Drapes and Abby today and Bert is questionable, but will probably play. Anyway, our team looks strong. It looks good. We've got Jimmah, we've got a solid D-corps, even though E is still out there and the pairings are changed up, we've got the circus, we've got a rad second line and the third line looks scary. Even the fourth line looks fucking great. What can stop us?

Hopefully not the Poultry. They lost Niedermayer in the off season and their defensive corps looks really weak this year. Like, terribly weak. Their team struggled last year, so most experts pick them to struggle this year. But we know it's not gonna be that easy. They still have an elite group of top forwards and Hiller's gonna stand on his head in the crease. And most of all they play us hard. They play us dirty. Getting a win against Anaheim is never ever easy. Escaping the game without injuries is even harder. Somehow the Wings need to do both tonight. And they should be pumped to do it on opening night. So let's go out there and get a good start to the season boys!

Keys to the game
- I look forward to the reception Modano will get when he enters the ice.
- Jimmah needs a good game.
- Shut down the Getzlaf line.
- Exploit their defensive holes.
- Get a hole in Hiller early.
- Don't get caught up in a chippy game with lots of rough stuff. Don't retaliate. That's what the Ducks want. Let them do the dumb stuff and take the dumb penalties.


  1. Don't forget that if the Ducks punch the Wings players, it's roughing on us. So we need to dodge hits, right?

  2. Yeah we definitely need to dodge hits and all their dirty stuff