Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pregame 2: We loathe the Hawks and we'll always loathe the Hawks...

The two teams meeting tonight started the season in the most different of manners. The Wings outplayed the Ducks for an easy victory, while the Hawks were outplayed by the Avs, crawled back into the game, but lost in overtime on Turco's second blunder of the night. But tonight is different, tonight they start from scratch again.

The Hawks want to win this. They want it badly, do not doubt that. They raise the banner, they have their opener in front of their home crowd and they have lots to prove. They have to prove that the first game was a fluke. They have to prove that they didn't lose too much talent to succeed this summer. They have to prove that they still can compete with big brother. The Hawks will play hard tonight. And their team has quality players. Guys like Kane and Toews will undoubtedly capitalize if we give them chances as stupid as those we gave the Ducks last night. And Keith and Seabrook will make life much harder for the circus. However, if you watched the Hawks opener against the Avs, you could see them struggle to sustain momentum because their bottom two lines are weak. The Wings bottom two lines rock. This could be exploited. And with Turco in net, there is always a chance for something crazy to happen. But know this, the Hawks will be amped for tonight, and that will either turn into a strong performance or into them being over-amped and nervous, and thus sucky.

The Wings are amped too. They want to show little brother who's king. They wanna ruin banner night. They need to take the good feeling from last night into this game and play hard. If they can do that and eliminate turnovers, then they win this game. Osgood in goal is a weird decision. I do want him to get games, but against the Hawks? And Jimmah needs to rest in game 2? Well, Oz has reportedly been better in this preseason, so let's hope he can play well tonight. He won't have to steal the game for us, just not lose it for us and I choose to trust Ozzie enough to do that. Kindl is in for E, which should be good too. All in all, this is gonna be an exciting game. It's gonna be hard, but I think the Wings definitely have the edge talent wise.

Keys to the game
- Carry on the good offensive play
- Better PP. Need to capitalize.
- Minimize the defensive mistakes and turnovers.
- Hunt for and victimize the Hawks' weaknesses.
- Who can be better? Or less bad? Turco or Ozzie
- Feed upon their fans' minority complexes and "Detroit sucks"-chants and show them who's the real team here.

Motivational song
The third line should be changed to "we won't care about the Hawks this year".

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