Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pregame 4: Mo's going to Dallas

So, first of all, skip the whole pregame song thing. I didn't like it. Sooo over that haha

The Wings will ice the same lineup as against the Dive, just with Ozzie in goal. Oz was great in Chicago and let's hope the trend continues. We're gonna need him this year. The D needs to tighten up and be tougher, be better and more focused on the defensive side. This especially goes for Niklas Kronwall. Get it together dude, you've been stinking it up so far. Would also be awesome if Doug Janik played like he wasn't Doug Janik. They also need to avoid the bad turnovers and be better at breakout passes. Offensively all is well. They struggled to keep momentum against the Avs, but that was rather because of bad D and bad breakout passes than because of anything else.

Modano is coming home. I expect him to be fired up and deliver in a big way. It would make me laugh like a moron if the Stars fans boo the player that gave them so much and that their GM sent away like trash. If they were smart they'd boo Nieuwendyk (what a name to spell) instead.

The Stars will not only be fired up because of Modano, but also because it's their home opener and they've won their two games so far. But they have won them in a shaky way and this is a team the Wings should be able to beat. However, the Stars always play us damn hard in Dallas, so this will be tough, but if the Wings take the Avs game as a wake up call, then they win this.

Keys to the game
- Better breakout passes
- Less east-west play (Hi, Amanda)
- Ozzie needs to be solid
- Tougher D
- Be hard on Lethonen. Test him early and a lot.
- Avoid Steve Ott. If necessary, treat Ott to a beating (looking at you Mr. Salei, if nothing else, your face can break his hand. NOT looking at you Mr. Dastyuk and ESPECIALLY not at you Mr. Janik).

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