Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pregame 8: Don't blink

So, I haven't done the pregames in a while. The reason is that what I say here is the same thing as everyone else says. I have no revolutionary thoughts on each game and 10 other people will give you the lineup. So I am going to try something new today. Something a little more enjoyable for me to write, so hopefully it is more fun for you to read too. Here we go!

Quick thoughts
We drew first blood against the Dogs with an overtime win in their lair in their home opener. So now they're even more hungry to beat us. They always play us hard and this game will be no exception. Hopefully they are a little tired and we are rested.

Keys to the game
- Eliminate those defensive mistakes
- Play a full 60 minutes
- Avoid the sloppy starts that often comes after time off

10 things you didn't know about the Coyotes
1. Adrian Aucoin is a big fan of Led Zeppelin. I approve. He also loves Entourage and John Candy. I approve again. What you probably did know is that he uses a wooden stick, which makes Mick love him.
2. BizNasty's idol growing up was Sandy McCarthy. True story. He would also like to be a DJ or star of an MTV show.
3. Mikkel Bødker is Danish and thus I hate him. Okay, you did know that. What you did not know is that if he wasn't a hockey player he would be a gay construction worker (okay, I made the gay part up).
4. Shane Doan's sister is a National team basketball player and plays in Europe. His cousin is an Olympic gold winner in speed skating.
5. Shane Doan loves U2, Creed and Garth Brooks. We now KNOW he is a douchebag of epic proportions.
6. Aside from having a slightly dirty name, Vernon Fiddler also has a really bad favourite movie, You, me and Dupree. Really? Did anyone like that movie??? WOW!
7. Maxim Goncharov's idol while growing up was Sergei Gonchar. Fitting.
8. Martin Hanzal loves Matt Damon. Maybe this love of retards is what makes him choose a team only a retard could believe has a reason to stay in Phoenix.
9. Ed Jovanovski has a daughter named Coco. According to my sources the odds are even money that she does porn before her 19th birthday.
10. Peter Prucha enjoys strawberries and dumplings. I KNOW you always wanted to know that.


  1. Another fun fact about vernon fiddler: tyson nash thinks he's the next wayne gretzky because of the "faceoff goal" in the playoffs last year.

    And everyone else in america thinks tyson nash is an idiot.

  2. Hahah Tyson Nash is a moron. He also failed to keep his promise to me of shaving Strader.

  3. Strawberries and dumplings together or in separate dishes? I like both strawberries and dumplings, but unless it was some weird sort of dessert dumpling, I would NEVER mix the two

  4. I am pretty sure they were separate