Thursday, October 7, 2010

Season preview - the rest

This will be nice and snappy seeing as I am running out of time.

Darren Helm
Helm is the leader of the fourth line in my eyes. He comes off a season where he managed to keep the energy level up for a whole year, played well, killed penalties like a mofo and burned more breakaways than anyone else. This year, I think that much will be the same. He will get a little less ice time seeing as the team will be healthier, but he will continue to do what Helm does. People are becoming increasingly aware of his speed, but I think he will still be effective. On a line with Abs and a rotation of Eaves, Miller and Draper, Helm gets to be the speedy energetic one and I am sure he will score a few with a little better finishing skills than last year and set up Eaves nicely for quite a few goals.

80 GP, 12 G, 16 A, 28 pts, .35 PPG

Justin Abdelkader
Abs showed a lot of grit in the parts of last season that he got in Detroit. He grinded hard, killed penalties and hit a lot of guys. He is tough to play against. He agitates. He is a bit like Kirk Maltby. Except the fact that he fights now and then. We have yet to see the offensive talents he has shown on lower levels, but I expect him to a little, but not a lot better on that front this year.

Prediction 75 GP, 3 G, 9 A, 12 Pts, .16 PPG

Patrick Eaves
Even though I had higher expectations of Eaves than most other people last year, he still was a pleasant surprise. He has struggled a bit in camp, but I think Eaves will get a lot of playing time and give us a lot of good things. He will work, hard grind, be good in the corners and unleash his shot a little more this season. I also expect him to be as stellar on the kill as he was last year.

Prediction 67 GP, 15 G, 12 A, 27 Pts, .40 PPG

Drew Miller
Miller was a total surprise after having been picked up on waivers last year. He scored some pretty goals, but most of all he showed us some hard play and good grinding. He was good on the PK too. I expect more of that this season.

Prediction 41 GP, 5 G, 9 A, 14 Pts, .34 PPG

Kris Draper
Draper is Draper. Still fast, still works hard, still a good grinder. But he is older, he is less effective and will get a diminished role this year. But when he plays he will be a good leadership influence and strenghten the PK. And in the playoffs he will get more ice time. Bank on it.

Prediction 34 GP, 1 G, 5 A, 6 Pts, .18 PPG

Tomas Tatar
Skilled guy, showed a lot of hustle in the pre-season. I think he will be rewarded with a couple of games and do decently in them.

Prediction 3 GP, 0 G, 1 A, 1 Pt, .33 PPG

That's it. Let's go Red Wings!

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