Sunday, November 7, 2010

Game 12: Tired Wings

First period
- The Wings early power play had one really good chance for the second unit, but otherwise the whole power play was awful. Didn't even manage to set up anything really.
- The following penalty on Kronwall was technically correct, but really, really cheap. Kronner should be too smart to do that in the new NHL, but still...
- Professional baseball player Keith Ballard had a five second interference/crosscheck session behing the net shortly after, and it went uncalled. Weird.
- The first was mostly a positional struggle. Not many big chances. The Wings had control of the first part, but got sloppy towards the end and let the Canucks take over.
- The goal, another one in the last minute, was mainly E's fault. First of all he went into the offensive zone, was to weak to take a hit, so he dumped it, but didn't get it deep. Datsyuk covered him and took his guy on the return, but sadly E failed to follow up and was last back. His guy got to be alone in front of the net and scored.
- Hockey Night in Canada for me tonight. Jim Houghson has a special way of talking and I know a few people hate him, but he was the voice of my youth's EA sports NHL games, so I love him.

Second period
- The Wings did not look ready to go at the beginning of the second, but got it going quick when Abs got it in, threw the puck at the net. The rebound went off Cleary's hip and in.
- Right after that Homer set up Kronner, who shot wide, but scored on his rebound off the boards.
- The next shift the second line got caught in their own zone on a long shift and Mikael Fuckwad Samuelsson (yes, that is his legal name) scored on an insane deflection.
- The Wings had the play for much of the period, but it was played pretty tightly and evenly.
- The Wings had two straight PPs, but got nothing on them. Credit a lack of shooting and very agressive Canucks PK. The kills made for some Canucks mojo towards the end.
- Hudler cannot buy a goal. When he got a huge chance, he rung it off the crossbar.
- On their two PPs before the Wings gave up some dumb chances. On their third, towards the end it went wrong when Datsyuk got too cute on the blue line. Malhotra got a breakaway and scored.
- After that the PP seemed like it had urgency for the first time and E scored on a great slapper with Buckets screening.

Third Period
- Very early in the period Kronwalla walked in and roofed one to give the Wings the lead.
- Of course we let the Canucks take over after that and pretty soon they got one back when no one bothered to cover Hansen in fron of the net.
- Much of the period after that was really sloppy back and forth with the Wings being the sloppiest. They gave the game to the Canucks in this period.
- The Canucks then got two power plays and scored on both. On one a screened shot went in. On the second E missed his assignment.
- Hudler and Ericsson are fucking useless.
- Taking a lazy penalty when you're down 2 with less than 10 to go is stupid as fuck Homer.
- The Wings were tired and sloppy and kept giving Canucks chances. The Canucks were good, but the Wings could have won it if they didn't get tired and give it away. Tough road trip, tired team, shit game.
- There is no question that Hudler is the one that should be in the press box. PERMANENTLY.
- I haven't seen stats, but the Wings seemed to lose EVERY FUCKING FACEOFF!

Play of the game
Kronner's second goal. Great shot.

Player of the game
Kronwall has turned it around lately and today he was excellent.


  1. I am sooooo with you on Hudler. He lost me when he left for the KHL and he hasn't done a damned thing in my mind to earn his place back on the squad. Not with as well as our homegrown kids are playing and especially not with the salary he's decidedly NOT earning at the moment. Just buy him a cushion for his lazy ass and let him get comfortable in the press box.

  2. I wasn't a big fan before KHL, hate him for the KHL and now he plays like crap. Trade him away ASAP