Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Game 13:

First period:
- The Wings started with pressure and it paid off early. Modano stole a puck, brought it to Rafa, who intentionally shot it wide. On the other side of the net was Cleary, who could just tip it in.
- The first period was terribly sloppy. Both teams played with speed, but there were more mistakes than good plays.
- The Wings struggled to connect with more than one pass at a time and got every damn play broken up. And they went offside time after time.
- The Wings got a PP off a scary situation. Stempniak crosshecked Salei so he fell onto Howard. Howard looked heard. Pray to God that he isn't.
- Towards the end of the period Hudler had a shift where he first fucked up a good attack and then failed to clear the zone twice on easy plays. He is really proving to everyone that he doesn't deserve the ice time.
- The PP looked really bad in the first, like it has lately. They just seem unable to set up and get shots to the net. The only one looking good on the PP in the first was Rafa.
- Towards the end of the first the Wings went offside. Somehow the faceoff ended up outside their blueline and not the Phoenix one. Weird. From their they went offside again. Yes, that was sloppy, but it was not intentional offside. However the faceoff ended up in the Wings zone. The Wings decided to ice it (though it went via a Jets stick and should not have been icing). On the ensuing faceoff Hanzal won it, the defenseman shot it off the backboard and Hanzal beat Pasha to it and scored. As you see this goal was the result of sloppy play and referees being clueless.
- Another goal in the last minute. This HAS to stop!
- Modano called Eddie O about Detroit. WHAT. THE. FUCK?

Second period:
- The first started with 7-8 minutes where they got nothing going. The Coyotes were all over them and the Wings looked tired. They lost every puck battle and failed to connect on passes.
- When they finally seemed to get it going a bit Stuart got caught behind the offensive goal, Pavel covered nicely for him, but no one covered anyone on a broken play and the Jets scored.
- Through a 4-on-4 and a PP that was kinda bad, but picked up at the end the Wings slowly crawled back.
- Towards the end of the period the Wings had the play. They still had a lot of bad passes, but they won the battles and got pucks to the net.
- Babbles had some wild lines towards the end of the period. Everyone were playing with everyone.

Third period:
- The Wings started the third like they were on a mission. They attacked and attacked and created some chances, but never got the really big ones. This lead to me complaining that they needed better shots.
- Ten seconds after I said that, Nick blasts a cannon from the point to tie the game.
- The Wings PK in the third was awesome. I don't even think they got a shot on net.
- The Wings controlled most of the third, but the Coyotes had a couple of dangerous chances.
- We've seen a lot of Z-Dats-Cleary in 3rd periods this year and I love it. They had some DOMINANT shifts tonight.

- I was looking for Z to show himself after being invisible lately and on a shift with Cleary, they drew a penalty, got the cycle going on the delayed call and Z managed to tip Salei's shot-pass into the net. Red Wings WIN!

Play of the game
Rafa's shot off the endboards to Cleary. So good to see Rafa back doing his thing.

Player of the game
Daniel Cleary. Holy shit is he having a good time on the ice right now.

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