Friday, November 12, 2010

Game 14: Suck it Jacob!

(Jacob is my little brother and an Oilers fan)

First Period
- Early on Mule had two good chances. One came after he made some awesome moves, but Bulin made a great/lucky save.
- Hudler created things and looked good early on and it paid off on a shift where he dominated and found Flip on a flip-pass from behind the net. Val batted it in for 1-0. Let's hope that is what Happy needed.
- The Oilers had a few good chances, but were stoned by Howard each time. Except for a PP for the Oilers (after a blatant hook by Modano), the Wings dominated the period.
- The Wings second goal came off a Z pass from the sideboards, that Pav just pushed forward to Homer. Bulin stopped Homer's redirection, but scored on the rebound.
- The third goal came when Bertuzzi found Cleary with a backhand pass. Buckets made no mistakes and scored on a shot that Khabibulin maybe should have had.
- Not much to say about this period. Everyone looked fricking awesome.

Second Period
- Early in the second Bert took a breakout pass down with his hand, took it to the corner, switched from left-handed to right-handed and passed it to Buckets. He decided to be equally good and scored his second on a spin-o-rama move.
- The Wings continued to dominate, but then in the middle part of the period they let the Oilers in to it a bit. It's natural to let up a bit, but I disliked it anyway. Luckily they never got really dangerous due to good defense.
- Bert and Kronner had a bad giveaway each, but what really got me was how well we cleaned up after those.
- The Oilers got away with a few because the refs felt bad for them, but the Wings got slapped with a cheap penalty. The kill was entirely dominant, which switched the momentum back in favour of the Wings. I love the kill this year.
- The Wings dominated towards the end, got rewarded with a PP and on a scramble in front of the net Mule scored his 100th career goal. Now that he's over that he can maybe start scoring regularly again.
- The shift after the PP looked like a PP.
- The end of the second saw half a kill. A good one. Penalty will resume in the third.
- Loved to see Ndamukong Suh taking in the game and getting a good "SUUUUUUUUUUH" from the crowd. Go Lions!

Third Period
- The Oilers played the rest of that PP like they meant it and scored.
- The Wings relaxed a little more this period, but still controlled the play.
- Datsyuk laid out Penner.
- Hemsky got hurt. Let's hope it's not bad.
- Homer made it 6-1 on a rebound off a Z shot.
- The Oilers scored again right before the end, but the Wings won 6-2 in dominating fashion.

Play of the game
Bert's take down and switch of handedness, his pass to Cleary and Danny's spin-o-rama.

Player of the game
Dan Cleary scored two, set up tons of chances, made himself some chances and worked hard.


  1. One thing you might not have heard on tv when we were all yelling Suuuuuuuuuh? Over the loud speaker, those of us who listened closely heard "My name is Sue, how do you do?" leaving me saying Suuuuhahaha by accident

  2. hahahah that we did not hear on TV.