Sunday, November 14, 2010

Game 15:

First period:
- The Avs looked really quick. Even thought the Wings controlled most of the first, the Avs speed still created trouble for the Wings.
- Both teams had a PP in the first half of the first. None of them successful. Both good penalty kills.
- On the Wings second PP, Bert got the puck along the right boards in the offensive zone and sniped a shot over the top of Budaj's shoulder on the short side. 1-0. A real goal scorer's goal.
- Jonas Holøs is getting his named slaughtered. I understand that you can't get it right, but Hol-aass is unacceptable. At least understand that ø is like the Swedish ö and say Hol-us, which wrong, but acceptable.
- The Mule had a breakaway where he deked himself to an open net, but shot wide. WTF?
- The Avs did not score on a late PP and will start the second with 23 PP seconds.

Second period
- The second started with an Avs PP, but when he came out of the box, Nick found Huds. Huds missed on the breakaway, but banked the rebound off Budaj from behind of the net and in! Cheeky!
- I talked about the Dive's foot-speed before the game and how possession is important. The Wings did this in the 2nd. No speed can match up to good passing.
- Love Kevin Porter. Shame he is an Av.
- Both team had two PPs and while the first from the Wings looked real good, they were both killed off.
- The 3-0 goal came midway through when Bert, along the boards, found Cleary who scored on an awesome shot!

Third period
- The third was a typical 3-0 period. The Wings relaxed, let the Avs control it, but won easily.
- On an early Avs PP, the refs decided to overlook severeal fouls because the Dive was already getting slaughtered, instead they got a too-many men 5-on-3 and scored. It was goalie inteference. The forward clearly hindered Jimmah's horizontal movement and for a person used to see the shit Homer gets blown off for it was ridiculous, but it ended 3-1, so who cares.
- Seriously, can anyone tell me how to stop on person's tweets from being retweeted to me? I have already stopped the worst sinners from retweeting, but still 4-5 of you keep retweeting him/her and I don't wanna have to stop retweets from you all.
- The Wings had an empty net for the last 2 minutes, but did not score.

Play of the game
Hudler's goal! Cheeeeeky!

Player of the game
Nick did not only contribute offensively, but also controlled the D.

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