Thursday, November 18, 2010

Game 16: 3 minutes is enough to win or Sometimes talent trumps determination.

First period
- The Wings started terribly and gave the Blues several chances. Typical for a team that hadn't played in 4 days.
- Then the Wings took over and Halak stopped several huge chances.
- The first goal however came when Abs took a simple shot on net, Miller was on the rebound and Halak saved. Halak tried to just bat it into the corner, but instead he batted it into his own net.
- Hahahahahahahahahalak
- Both teams blew some huge chances. Wings' best were Hudler not elevating a shot close in and Nick missing a big 3-on-1.
- The Blues' biggest came on a terrible Wings PP.
- The Blues goal came on a weak shot after the Wings just got trapped in a 4-on-3. Weird goal. Good play by the Blues, not good by Jimmah.
- In the final second, on a PK (that will continue into the second) Jimmah made a HUGE save.

Second period
- The second started with the rest of the PP. Weirdly, a clock malfunction delayed Bertuzzi getting back onto the ice with 5 seconds.
- After that the Wings had a couple of chances, but then let the Blues start to roll over then.
- The Wings were terrible for much of this period. They looked like they were sleep walking. Sloppy plays, bad passing, bad at having second man-pressure, bad at covering in front of their own net.
- The Blues eventually got a PP and scored. Nothing Jimmah could do.
- The Wings had a terrible PP after a weird penalty. Or well, the penalty was a big slewfoot, but Datsyuk got away with a vicious cross check right before it.
- In the second half of the period the Wings kinda got going a little more and the 4th line capped off and energized shift with a nice shot-pass from Rafa (also called a Rafa special) that was deflected in by Afrogator.
- The Wings soon took the lead with a nice shot from the boards by Cleary. The nice wrister went in on the short side.
- But the first line went out and had a terrible shift. After some terrible passes in their own zone, the Mule tried to make a fancy play instead of getting it out and served up the tying goal.
- The Blues got close to potting another on the last shift of the period. This was really a period to forget. Need a much better third.

Third period
- The Wings finally came out with some fire in the third and had some good early chances. Then they got a PP and you might have expected the third time to be the charm. Sadly it wasn't. The Blues forechecked and pressured hard on it and the Wings didn't get the passes and skating going. It was the most pathetic PP I have ever seen.
- The Blues took over right after that and spent 5-6 minutes outplaying the Wings. Only Howard held them in. He had a great game tonight.
- Midway through the third I thought that the Wings would be lucky to win this. The Blues forechecked hard, worked hard and were quicker on every puck while the Wings looked lazy. But then, over a span of four minutes, it all changed...
- First Modano finished a rare attack by putting it out in front. Cleary found it between the legs of a defenseman and scored on a quick shot. His second of the night.
- Less than a minute later, Z had a long raid into the zone, turned back, went to the net and scored.
- Then on a PP, Brad Stuart scored on a big slapper.
- The Blues were dirty tonight. Many small dirty plays. Backes went after guys a few times. And when under 6-3 they sent out Janssen who first blindsided Kronner dirtily (but not in the head) and then took a roughing penalty.
- On the PP Homer tipped in a shot from Rafa with his body to settle the score at 7-3 This happened just 4:14 after the 4-3 goal.
- With 3 seconds left Backes slashed and went after Jimmah for no reason. He was held away and it looked like he was crying. Fitting for the bitter Blues. Always a bridesmaid.
- The Wings did not deserve a win, but 4 good minutes gave them just that and we'll take it.

Play of the game
Jimmah's HUGE toe save to keep it a tie game in the final second of the first.

Player of the game
Tempted to go with 2-goal scorer Cleary who played hard all night, but he seems to win this every game, so I will go with Rafa and his 3 assists.


  1. Wings_Fan_In_KC says:

    The Wings flipped the STFU swicth in the 3rd. Ohhhhhh Boy!