Saturday, November 20, 2010

Game 17: Giving it away

First period
- The first period started with some back and forth hockey. The Wings controlled the play, but didn't really get anything big, because the Wild play tight defense.
- Todd Richards is a fraud. The Wild are still a boring, defensive trap team.
- The Wings finally got a few good chances, but a dumb hook by Z sent the Wings on the PK.
- It was killed off, but before Z could get back into the play, a point shot from the Wild went in with E screening his own goalie.
- The Wings kept trying, but the Wild cluttered the neutral zone and the blueline so they didn't get much.
- On their second PK the Wings actually had some decent chances, but didn't score.

Second period
- The second started terribly. Clutterbuck, the team's leading scorer (I know, what the FUCK?) banked a puck in between Howard and the post from behind the net. Terrible post coverage by Howard.
- Then it went back to the Wings trying, but not getting through. It looked like they were sailing for much of the period. The Wild just slowed them down so much. Well (and boringly) played by the Wild, but also just not good enough by the Wings.
- The Wild barely had any attacks this period.
- When the Wings got a little offense they finally got a PP and then a 5-on-3 midway through the second. They got a few shots, but no good ones. It was embarassing. They were just standing around, moving the puck slowly.
- I am tired of seeing guys on the PP sailing around the net and then doing nothing. The Wild were clogging the front and they should be prepared for that.
- Zetterberg looks weak this days. Takes bad shots, does too little, does too much, just not the Z we are used to.
- The Wings got a 2nd PP that was better, but didn't score on that either.
- In the last minute, Eaves won a puck behind the net for Abby, he took it around and fed it across the crease to Helmer, who scored. This happened 20 seconds after Mick had ranted about the boringness of this (really boring) game.
- The Wings nearly got another with a few seconds left, but like every other shot by Nick tonight, it went wide.

Third period
- The Wings got on a PP early in the third. It was the second soft penalty on Matt Cullen. The Wings took advantage of it and the Mule scored on a shot that went off a Wild player.
- The Wings continued to pressure and got rewarded 5-6 minutes in when Eaves took two whacks at a rebound after shot by Rafalski, then took it around the net and scored on the wraparound.
- The Wings kept the pressure a little after this, but it got broken up when Nick took an unlukcy penalty. It was killed off.
- The Wings looked in control until 6-7 minutes were left. After that the Wild pressured, but the Wings got a few good chances on the counter attack.
- With less than 2 minutes left a Detroit center (Mule? Flip?) lost his assignment and let Koivu be all alone to tie the game. And they pressured on and nearly won in regulation.

- The Wings dominated the first 3 minutes and had tons of huge chances.
- Then Havlat had a huge save that Jimmah stopped, but shortly after a rebound ended in the net when Stuart couldn't keep his guy.

Play of the game
Eaves' goal. Great hustle.

Player of the game
The entire third line was great, but I am giving it to Eaves.

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