Sunday, November 21, 2010

Game 18: Undeserved victories taste excellent

First Period
- How about those Lions *shoots myself*
- Dan O'Halloran in as emergency ref. Greaaat! *shoots myself again*
- The Wings got an early PP and capitalized. A shot from Nick went off a skate and out to Rafa. He found Mule with a fast cross-ice pass. Mule settled it down and roofed it. 1-0.
- A few minutes later the Flames tied it. Iginla got past Salei who pinched in the neutral zone and sent it to Hagman who scored. Iginla was backing in with the puck and it is a bit iffy if he had control when he entered the zone, but it wasn't ruled offside, so there is nothing we can do about it.
- The Wings had some new lines today. I like them in theory, but in the first they showed nothing.
- It was pretty even when the teams played at even strength. Calgary might have had a little more control, but Kipper had to make some huge saves.
- The Wings had 3 more PPs, but didn't get more than 4 PP shots total. They struggled. Too many cute passes, not enough movement. The puck got cleared way too much and they didn't find open shooting lanes. Just really bad PP play.

Second period
- The second started terribly. The Flames had the pressure and after less than 2 minutes Rafa lost the puck behind the net, it came out in front and Iginla gave the Flames the lead.
- Of course the Flames got a makeup PP shortly after and on that one they got the puck out to the blueline with all four Wings caught in front. The defenseman found Iginla on the weak side where he had all the time in the world to make it 3-1.
- The rest of the first half of the period, the Flames kept pressing and the Wings sucked.
- The second half the Wings had more play, but still looked lifeless and tired, with no jump. Didn't get too many good chances either.
- Towards the end Abs had a big hit and after a whistle two Flames got after him and a scrum ensued. It ended in a minor to each team. The refs suck.
- The team has seemed worse and worse after all the line juggling.
- Hudler plays lifelessly and like shit. Eaves is a ball of energy and is in the press box. Switching them wouldn't have been enough to change everything, but damn, it would have been better.

Third period
- Early in the third the Wings to on the Power Play and Pavel Datsyuk scored on a brilliant tip in off a shot from Nick.
- The Flames came back controlling the game though and 7 minutes in, Rafa lost an edge and Tanguay took it and scored.
- Dan Cleary did not play in the third after getting hurt in the second period. Regher from Calgary went down in the third.
- Shortly after the Flames goal, Bertuzzi got a minor for interference and then weirdly another for unsportsmanlike conduct. The PP was short for the Flames though as they soon took a penalty themselves.
- On the 4-on-4 it went up and down for a while until Z took the puck past a defender and fanned on a backhandshot. This fooled Kipper and the lead was cut to 4-3.
- The Wings came on strong after this, but struggled scoring. They had good chances, but the puck wouldn't go in.
- With a few minutes left the Wings got a PP and it looked terrible. Then with 2 minutes left they got another and even though they had chances and Howard was pulled they couldn't fool Kipper. When the puck was cleared with 10 seconds left, things looked bleak, but Pasha and Z got a 2-on-1 and Pasha gave Hank an open net to tie it with 3 seconds left.

- 90 seconds in, after the Wings had controlled most of it, Nick got a good chance and could have shot into an open net. Instead he deked Kipper, went around him and scored. I yelled loudly.
- We didn't deserve a single point in this, but took 2. 11 out of 12 on the homestand. Excellent!

Play of the game
The 2-on-1 goal that tied it with 3 seconds left.

Player of the game
Henrik Zetterberg. We should call him out more often.

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