Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pregame 10: Insert bad joke about firefighting here

Quick thoughts
Jimmah and E are back in, Janik is back in GR and Ozzie is hurt. Huds remains a healthy scratch for today. I have faith in Jimmah, but the question is how E will fare. Hopefully better than he's done the last year or so, but I have no big hopes for that. Mike Modano needs to step up the gas today if he doesn't wanna get scratched next.

We all know the Flames are gonna play the Wings hard, but we also all know we can win this if we play our best. So the guys need to go out and go at the inconcistent Flames hard and make it another one of their bad games.

Keys to the game
- Manage 60 concistently good minutes.
- Third line needs to step up.
- Get a lot of shots on Kipprusoff.

10 things you didn't know about the Flames
1. Their media guide has no "personal"-section for each player, so it's limited what I can find here.
2. So this section will not be in today.

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