Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pregame 12: Slapping Sammy

Wouldn't it be totally fricking ridiculously awesome to come away from the Western Canada road trip with 6 out of 6 points? That would really cap off a great start to the season for the Wings. And with Rafa coming back it could put us on a big roll. Of course, today's opponent isn't Calgary or Edmonton. It's a Canucks team that has won five straight games. That's more games in a row than times I've overheard the couple above having sex today (4). So this will be a whole different ballgame. But while the wins against the Flames and Oilers were small, they were dominant. The Wings controlled the games and I never really feared for a loss. And remember, Jimmah doesn't lose in regulation. Ever. So if the guys go out with an effort like the ones they've shown lately and get to Luongo early, then we should win this. Actually, if we play at a top level we should beat every team, cause that's how good this team is.

Keys to the game
- Continue to play dominant puck possession hockey.
- The third line has carried the load for two games, need to see the first two lines score.
- Avoid taking dumb penalties.

Ten things you didn't know about the Canucks
1. They were the subject of the funniest exchange between the FSD announcers of the entire last season. Or maybe you knew that? If you know what I'm talking about, tell me in the comments!
2. In high school Keith Ballard was a fullback and linebacker in football and a great golf player. Which is surprising. I'd have guessed baseball player.
3. Kevin Bieksa has a bachelor in finance. He also idolized Stevie as a kid. Hmm, I might like this guy.
4. Alexandre Burrows is a crying douche. Oh, you knew that? Okay, he's an asshole who likes to talk shit about Detroit. You knew that too? Well, he was recently inducted into the Canadian Ball Hockey Hall of Fame. THAT you didn't know!
5. Darcy Hordichuk works out with Chuck Lidell. Chuck Lidell scares me. If I met Chuck Lidell I would totally lie and pretend to not think that UFC and WWE and all that crap is total bullshit.
6. Rick Rypien's cousin was MVP of Super Bowl XXVI.
7. The Sedin brothers own four racing horses. On a related note, I'm scared of horses, but think their meat (no, not that meat, PERVS) makes for great sausages.
8. The Canucks are launching a Ring of Honor as part of their 40th anniversary, but Pavel Bure has not yet been announced as one of the inductees. He hasn't had his number retired either. This makes me sad.
9. Until I fell for the Wings in 94-95 I was a Canucks fan.
10. The reason for this was that my dad bought me one of these monstrosities while in Canada.


  1. You wouldn't happen to be referring to the Murph going on and on about the logos, especially why it looks like a whale?

    Also, you're afraid of horses? Really? I mean, birds are terrifying, evil little creatures straight from the bowels of Hell (except for herons, I like those) but horses?

  2. Yes and then suggesting the Little Ceasar's logo for the Wings.

    And yeah, I mean I don't see one and go "aaaahhhh", but I don't want to get up close and personal with them.

  3. Okay, dude, no more talk about eating horses. I know it's not uncommon in Europe, but if you mention it too often I'm not going to be able to look my horse in the eye. And he deserves better.

    And I'm with saraneuie. I think birds are creepy. I think people who keep birds as house pets are even creepier.

  4. Hey, even my vegetarian friends are pro-horse eating because it gives them a more dignified and painless end to their lives.