Monday, November 8, 2010

Pregame 13: Hit BizNasty

The Wings are hosting the Coyotes tonight and they need to do better than the last time. Remember how they gave that game away in a terrible fashion? Well Ozzie isn't in goal tonight, but still, these Coyotes are always good against the Wings and we've gotta play them hard. The Wings are coming off a tough roadtrip and they tend to suck in their first home game after that. And they did look tired two days ago. But let's hope for something better tonight.

Rafa is back in and that is huge. Miller and Kindl are scratches. E and Hudler should be scratches, but they're not.

Keys to the game
- Stop with the sloppy defensive mistakes we've seen on and off this season.
- The first two lines need to get going again offensively.
- Pummel Bryzgalov with shots. (Also Kronwall BizNasty).

10 things you didn't know about the Coyotes
1. Taylor Pyatt's nickname is Pyzee. What?
2. Pyatt's favourite band is Coldplay and if he could meet one person, dead or alive, it'd be Elvis. Me and Pyatt will never ever be friends.
3. Kurt Sauer's brother Kent was drafted by Nashville in 98, while another brother named Craig played 4 seasons in the NFL for the Falcons and Vikings.
4. Lee Stempniak's favourite book is The Alchemist, by Paolo Coelho, also known as the overrated, mediocre book, that made white, pretentious women (and a few men) go apeshit in their romanticism and struggle to properly pronounce Coelho.
5. Kyle Turris loves Steve Yzerman, Jack Jonhson and pierogies.
6. Scottie Upshall wants to be on Entourage and loves Wow, douche alert.
7. He also loves Pearl Jam. For the three of you who didn't already know: I despise Pearl Jam.
8. The most played song on Ray Whitney's iPod is "Oh Lord, It's hard to be humble"
9. Wojtek Wolski's name is pronounced VOY-teck VOHL-skee according to the media guide. It's kinda fun to say with a heavy Polish accent.
10. Keith Yandle loves the Red Sox.
11. Hockey in Phoenix is a joke and they should move back to Winnipeg NOW!


  1. Another fun fact: The Coyotes changed their colors so it would be less embarrassing when the Red Wings came to town.

    True story.

  2. Doug: Hahaha that's pretty damn brilliant.

    Kristin: Yes you do hahaha. And nice work on keeping it surprising.