Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pregame 15: Down with the Dive

The Divealanche are coming to the Joe again tonight. Last time the Wings lost a heartbreaker in the shootout, let's hope for something better today. The Dive have 9 players on the IR and Budaj is in goal, just like the last time. The Wings will continue with the lines that were successful against the Oilers and will hopefully get the same out of them tonight. No word on who sits though.

The Avs will play us hard, but we're a better team and if we can overcome their speed and play a puck possession game where we slow them down a bit, we will win. Sound defense, faceoff wins and good passing will be key.

Keys to the game
- Eliminate those turnovers and defensive errors.
- Continue the offensive onslaught.
- Stop the Avs speed.

Ten things you didn't know about the Avs
1. Craig Anderson's brother Jon was drafted by the Red Sox and his dad was a professional car racer. In related news, motor"sports" are NOT sports.
2. The reason Peter Budaj has Flanders on the back of his helmet is that he is a Christian, straight-edger, just like Flanders.
3. Adam Foote idolized former Red Wing-flop (and Toronto hero) Börje Salming.
4. Milan Hejduk loves playing tennis and golf. I don't.
5. Jonas Holøs from Sarpsborg, Norway is not even on the roster in the media guide. And it is unforgiveable that journalists call him Holos. Bloggers I can understand, but paid media are paid to get the names fucking right with a fucking Ø/ø.
6. David Jones, a 288th pick, is the lowest pick in franchise history to make it to the NHL.
7. Peter Mueller is a Twins fan, which is a good reason to hate him with a passion.
8. Ryan O'Reilly was nicknamed "Snook" as a kid. You know where I'm going with this.
9. Kevin Porter is from Detroit, idolized Modano growing up and is an avid Detroit Tigers fan. Can we make it illegal for him to be an Av?
10. Chris Stewart sat out the 03-04 hockey season to play High School football.


  1. In all fairness (at least to bloggers) I have no idea how to get that character to properly spell Holøs unless I copy and paste it like I did just there. If there was a way to get around it (think oe when you can't do ö because you don't know how to write that either) I would use it, but I don't know if there is one. No offense to him or anyone else with letters like that, but I don't have the time to constantly look up a source I can cut and paste from :\

    That being said, there is no reason he should not be in the media guide, that part is ridiculous.

  2. Well, he is in the guide, just not on the roster. And as I said, I understand that bloggers can't, but media? I mean Adrian Dater who writes about him all year should probably find out where to find it in MS Word. And to be honest, oe is much better than just an o.