Friday, November 19, 2010

Pregame 17: Take ride on the Wild side

The Wild have won five of their last seven and are coming into the Joe tonight. The Wings are even hotter. The Wild are defensive, they are playing tight hockey and they are hard to play against, but we usually play them well at the Joe. Not much to say about this one other than that we need a better and more consistent effort than against the Blues. We need the PP to be better than it was in the first two periods. We need the Wings to be quicker to loose pucks and be better with the second man. No more sloppy passing. Make Pinky cry. Do it!

Keys to the game
- Another good defensive team that we need to get to early.
- Better power play
- 60 minute effort

Ten things you didn't know about the Wild
1. Niklas Backström would like to meet James Hetfield and Bono. So would I. James is my hero and I wanna slap Bono in his face.
2. Cam Barker has a pug name Puma. Who gives their dog the name of a feline animal is its name?
3. Kyle Brodziak's favourite reading material is FHM. A true intellectual.
4. Brent Burns listens to John Mayer, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy. He is also a 13 year old girl.
5. Cal Clutterbuck grew up idolizing Stevie and Sakic. Really modelled his game after them, didn't he?
6. Chuck Kobasew lists Lance Armstrong and Eddie Vedder as the people he would most like to meet. Cheaters and whiners are his thing it seems.
7. Mikku Koivu used to work at an ice cream shop. Quite the step up to the NHL.
8. Guillaume Latendresse is a huge Bon Jovi fan.
9. Tom Brady is John Madden's favourite athelete. Shame Madden can't have the same glorious hair.
10. James Shepphard's hobbies are playing guitar and being a complete failure.

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