Sunday, December 12, 2010

Easy street, but not good enough yet

First period
- WOoooooo WOLVERINES! GO BLUE! FUCK THE SPARTANS! And how the hell does the NHL think they can EVER follow that (without using Beaver or Michigan Stadium)?
- It took 28 seconds for the Wings to score. Pavel shot from the boards, by the line and it went off Homer's stick and in.
- And just over a minute later Cleary took it up on the left side and scored on a great shot.
- The Devils had 1.5 power play and they were killed off. Both Ozzie and Nick did some great work on those PKs.
- The Wings' half PP was unsuccessful.
- The Devils had more shots, but didn't get very dangerous outside of their first PP.

Second period
- The first half of this period bored me to death. The Devils suck. The Wings played down to their level. But they got better chances cause they kept the Devils to the outside.
- With 7-8 mins left of the period, Pavel won a great battle along the boards to Z. He shot it and scored on his own rebound. 3-0.
- The rest of the period was boring in the same way.
- Clarkson and Ericsson got 5 each for hugging/"fighting".
- Doc and Chico were so very infatuated with the Wings.
- Chico Resch is so bad. Worst announcer ever. Also, Ken >>>> Doc.
- The Wings and Devils are fierce rivals according to MSG. Wow, I didn't know that. DId I just travel 10 years back in time?
- Booooring

Third period
- The third started with the murder of Jamie Langenbrunner. Kronwall got position and hit him cleanly, but he turned at the point of impact and died when he hit the boards. What? What did you just say? Langenbrunner was on the ice a minute later? You can not be serious! He looked very, very dead on that play! The way he was laying dead on the ice...
- On the PP, Elias scored. It was screened and Ozzie had no chance
- Both teams had two more PPs, I was bored. No goals. Booooring.
- I don't know what to say, I was bored and thus have notbing to say
- Halfway through Z beat an icing, put it out in front where Pasha was alone, deked and scored. 4-1.
- Not a great game. Boring as sin and more importantly, the Wings played down to the Devils a lot. But a win.

Play of the game
Pavel's battle that lead to Z's goal

Player of the game
Oz not only got his 399th win, he also had a great game.

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