Saturday, December 4, 2010

Game 23: Showing the Ducks who's boss

First period
- The Wings got off to a great start when the Wings broke up a pass from Visnovski and Flip took it into the zone. His pass bounced over Mule's stick, hit the boards and went back to Mule who scored from a very sharp angle.
- The Ducks had a quick bounceback with some chances, but luck, good D and Jimmah held them off.
- The Wings then took over and controlled much of the period. They got close to another goal when Helm got an open net, but hit the post from a sharp angle and Homer flubbed the rebound.
- Homer had a terrible period. Not only did he miss that big chance, but he also managed to feed the Ducks with two big outlet passes/turnovers. The second one lead to a huge Ducks chance which forced E to take a penalty.
- On that PP the Ducks had one huge chance, saved by Jimmah. Otherwise the kill was great. With 13 seconds left of it Pasha took an unlucky high sticking penalty. The 5-on-3 and the rest of the penalty was killed brilliantly.
- The Ducks controlled the rest of the period and won the shot count easily, but got no more big chances.
- The Ducks 3rd jerseys don't look like the Ducks in a way and they are a nice mix of boring and ugly.
- Honda Center seemed brighter than usual tonight. Weird.

Second period
- The first two thirds of this period had nothing for the Wings. They opened with a couple of big chances and had a breakaway for Helm later, but that was it. They got stopped in the neutral zone and got nothing going. The Ducks didn't get too much established zone time either, but were dangerous in what they got and on the counter attack. Luckily Jimmah was excellent.
- The Ducks had no penalties through 2. Thank you refs.
- With 5-6 mins left Z shot from a sharp angle and Homer beat Perry to the rebound. 2-0. Perry showed class by crosschecking Homer in the back after the goal.
- And shortly after Rafa shot it towards the net and Cleary re-directed it in. 3-0.
- Not a good period by the Wings, but they played smart, good defense, had good goaltending and were effective as hell.

Third period
- The third started with another PP for the Ducks. Luckily it was killed off.
- When it was over the Wings struggled to clear the zone for a long time, but when they managed to do it, they got a delayed Ducks penalty. They played with the delayed penalty for more than a minute and Kronner, Bert and others had soem amazing chances.
- The PP had some great chances too, but was unsuccessful.
- The rest of the period was back and forth. Both teams had some great chances, but both goalies stood tall. The game felt decided and there wasn't too much action. '
- With half a minute left E found Flip in front of the net and he made it 4-0. Second 4-0 win over the Ducks in 2 tries.
- Not a perfect game for the Wings, but a good, solid road win.

Play of the game
The save Jimmah made on the first PP, aided by a great stick-check and clear by Nick.

Player of the game
Jimmah bailed us out with some huge saves and got the shutout! Great game!

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