Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nick's trick and other stories

First period
- The game opened well for the Wings. They went right on attack and had a couple of good early chances.
- They then gave the Blues a PP and seemed to lose momentum a little. They started getting outworked, didn't get first to pucks, lost battles and just didn't get the flow in their game that they need.
- They still had some offensive pressure, but most of the time they just didn't get a shot away or the shot was blocked or off target.
- They did have a few big chances though, none bigger than one midway through where Pavel hit the post and the puck was bouncing in the crease for seconds with several players swatting at it.
- The later we got in the period, the worse the Wings got. Towards the end the Blues had a few good chances, but the post and Howard stopped them.

Second period
- The Wings started the second with more jump to the game and got some early chances. They capitalized with the game's first goal less than five minutes in. Nick took the puck up ice, fed it to Z, who took it into the zone and gave it back to Nick, who scored on a bouncing shot.
- The Blues came right back and tied it a minute later when E got caught flatfooted and Draper failed covering up for E.
- Right after the goal came a situation I cannot explain or describe. How Homer got penalized for it is equally weird. Let's just say that it was innocent, but weird and that the Wings killed the PK.
- The Wings continued pressuring after this and drew a penalty on a crosschecking Backes midway through the period. They got some chances on it, but didn't score.
- Helm had a great period and capped off a great shift by drawing a tripping call. 2 seconds after the end of that penalty, Cleary found Kronner who scored on a great shot.
- A minute later David Backes, who you might remember from his attempted assault on Jimmah earlier this year, decided to crosscheck Homer even though they both were away from the puck. The result: a penalty and a great, grinding goal from Cleary on the PP.
- The Wings kept on going and it obviously frustrated the Blues. The Wings got to end the period with another PP. No goals, but the PP continues in the third.
- Hudler looked like he tried and he got a lot of stuff right, but he couldn't put the puck in the net.
- E had a weird play where he scored in his own net. Luckily, icing was called when he touched the puck, so it didn't count.

Third period
- The Wings pressured on the rest of the PP and kept going and soon drew another penalty. On the PP, Nick got the puck at the blue line, Homer screened Halak and Nick blasted it into the net!
- The Wings kept going for a while, but then let the Blues in a little. Hudler took a dumb penalty and the Blues scored on the PP.
- 4-5 minutes of heavy Blues pressure followed and it was scary.
- The Wings took the game back after that, controlled it and closed the game out nicely.
- With an empty net Cleary just missed, turned around and fed Nick at the point. Nick made no mistake and score for his first career hat trick.
- Gonna go read the game thread at St. Louis Game Time now. And laugh and laugh and laugh.

Play of the game
- The Lidström goal. Great, smart play by him and Z.

Player of the game
Nicklas Lidström. Norris-worthy as always.

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