Saturday, December 18, 2010

Too cute and too anemic - But hockey doesn't matter tonight.

Before we get on with this, Don van Vliet, more famous as Captain Beefheart, died today at the age of 69 after a long time of illness. Beefheart might be the most overlooked and misunderstood artist of the 20th century. Too weird for many people to understand, too eccentric, but he was a brilliant genius and is one of my all time favourite artists. So Rest in Peace Don, I will sure as hell miss you.

First Period
- The Wings started terribly. They flat out sucked. They didn't skate and were on their heels at once. Ericsson took a dumb penalty. And boom. 1-0 Pat Sharp.
- Didn't get better. Before five minutes were played the first line got caught standing around and it was 2-0.
- Babbles took a timeout and just gave the guys the death stare for 30 seconds. It worked. The Wings went out and scored. E shot wide, it bounced behind the net and Eaves scored on the rebound.
- The Wings dominated the rest of the period. The Hawks had a few good chances, but the Wings had most of the offense and got close to tying it a lot of times.
- Sorry folks, sorry if it offends you, but in my opinion, the skill, the player, his "hotness", whatever should NOT matter when he is a Hawk. Should be hated no matter what. Liking a Hawk is just wrong. They are the enemy.

Second period
- The Wings started badly this period too and gave the Hawks a couple of early chances.
- Then they came back and though the Hawks got a couple, the Wings had the best chances in the next part of the period, but Crawford was good, the Wings were too cute and the Hawks played good D.
- Hudler got served two HUGE opportunities to tie it by Helm. On the first he fanned on it, which lead to a great counter-attack chance for the Hawks. On the second he decided to pass it to Cleary who had no time to shoot.
- The Hawks took over a bit towards the middle of the period and after 11 minutes or so, on a delayed call, Campbell rushed into the zone, the Wings lost coverage on Kopecky who got the puck and could score easily.
- The game was wide open for a few minutes after that. No team could establish much.
- After that the Wings took over. The Hawks had some counter chances, but the Wings had the pressure, but they got too cute. Always a pass or a deke too much. Not enough shots. And the Hawks were very good with active sticks.
- The Hawks got a Pens break towards the end when they got away with a long, obvious too many men-situation.
- Everytime I have to listen to Eddie O I can feel my braincells dying.
- Great job by Chicago fans being classy for Cheli today. Also glad to see that "Let's go Hawks" is too hard for them, so they had to chant "Detroit sucks".

Third period
- The Wings let Chicago start another period well with a couple of chances.
- The Wings were in the offensive zone for most of the period. But they got too cute and didn't shoot enough. The passing was off. Not fast or accurate enough.
- The Wings lost way too many battles. They seemed anemic all night.
- Credit the Hawks for playing the Wings the right ways and getting in the shooting lanes.
- After the first minute the refs swallowed their whistles. No more penalties. The Wings should maybe have had a couple, but Chicago got away with a lot. And they understood it and played it smarter than the Wings. They saw they could get away with stuff and took advantage of it. They were hooking and holding and made it hard for the Wings to get things going.
- The Wings just lacked jump tonight. This was a bad game for them.
- Even though it ended in Kopecky scoring in the empty net, I loved that Babcock pulled Howard with two and a half minutes left. Gotta take chances. Nothing to lose there.

Play of the game
I guess the only goal we scored.

Player of the game
Helm wasn't too sucky.


  1. That sucked. Like really, really sucked.

  2. yeah, what a terribly depressing game :(