Thursday, December 9, 2010

Too little, too late, too lame

First period
- While the Wings had a chance or two, they were badly outplayed for the first 6-7 minutes. Nashville just won every battle, was first on every puck and outworked them. The Wings turned the puck over, didn't get chances and let the Preds get way too close.
- The middle part of the period was the best for the Wings. They slowly worked themselves into the game and managed to get some offense going and had some good chances.
- A weird Eaves penalty (we didn't get a replay, so it's hard to tell what it was) put a stop to that, but the Wings killed it off nicely.
- In the latter part of the period the Preds took over again and kept outworking the Wing.
- In the last minute an offensive turnover lead to a quick attack from the Preds. Rafa was shadowing O'Reilly, but when he crossed over he gave him up to E. E didn't really get up to O'Reilly and Rafa never managed to cover the pass to Colin Wilson who had the easiest tap-in ever.
- The Wings just looked weak and lame in the first. The Preds looked sharp. Not a good period at all for the Wings.

Second period
- The second started terribly. The D coverage was severely lacking and the Preds got a weird shot on net and E batted it into his own net with his glove.
- The Preds naturally laid back a bit after that and the Wings took over a bit, but bad passing killed them. They just couldn't connect on more than one pass at a time.
- The Wings got a PP, but only got one decent chance. That one was a beautiful pass from Buckets to Z though and an awesome chance, but Lindback made an amazing save.
- The Wings took over a bit after that and had some nice chances. The best came when Huds made a great waiting deke, but finished badly and Nick got a point shot a few seconds later. That shot slowly trickled towards the net after it hit the goalie, but was swatted away at the goal line.
- The Preds got a 4 minute PP in the middle of the period when the Wings were starting to really take over. Sure, it was an unlucky high stick by Homer. Sure it drew blood, but Erat throwing his stick and gloves and playing dead should REALLY at least result in an embellishing minor. It was Academy Award worthy. And disgusting.
- The 4 min PK was not only beautifully killed, but midway through it Z and Pasha took the puck up ice, Pavel got a few shots and swatted one in to make it 2-1 Nashville.
- The Wings kept pressing and got another PP towards the end. They didn't score and near the end of the PP Bert got an okay crosschecking penalty. My problem with it is that if a defenseman does that to Homer or Bert or Buckets, it's okay. But if a forward does it... Why is there no equality. Shouldn't matter where on the ice and what zone, the same act should be a penalty no matter where, when or who.
- The PK was killed off nicely though.

Third period
- The Wings didn't have a great start, but fought themselves into some pressure after a while. A little before the midway mark they finally drew a penalty.
- On the PP they got nothing. AT ALL. NOTHING. Didn't even manage to establish themselves in the offensive zone once. The play right before and after the PP were both much better.
- Which lead to another, better, yet unsuccessful PP.
- The Wings kept pressuring, but with 5-6 mins left Z didn't see Stuart pinching and passed to an empty spot. The Preds attacked and scored on the 2-on-1 against Salei.
- The Wings threw everything at the Preds, but Lindback stood tall. Not stranger. Every Anders is awesome. Fact.
- With 2 minutes left the Wings pulled the goalie. I was just thinking "I love this move, we're not gonna win, but the only way to have a shot is taking a chance" when the Mule scored on a nice shot.
- Sadly, Franzén sucked before that and he sucked after that and with a great chance to tie it he fanned on the puck. Wings lose.
- Losing streak now. 2 LOSSES in a row. 3 REAL losses (2 losses, 1 OT loss) in a row. This need to be corrected.

Play of the game
Pavel's shortie was a beautiful, grinding play.

Player of the game
Oh what the hell, let's say Pavel.

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