Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oil spill

Last recap I do before departing for some Easter skiing on thursday.

The Wings looked like they did not want the same kind of start that they have had in their other games against the Oilers this year. So they started well and had the best chances right off the bat. Around the 5 min mark they really put the heat on and a little later Flip took a shot that grazed a d-man and Deslauriers and went in. First we thought it had gone off Lilja too, but sadly it hadn't. The Wings kept the pressure on and dominated the game. And a little into the second half, Franzén tried a give and go with Kronner, when it didn't work, the Mule got it again, found Kronner who scored from between the hashmarks. Goalscorer's positioning, a goalscorer's shot. The Wings kept it going and a little later, the Mule was robbed twice by Deslauriers on a two-shot attempt. And with less than a minute left, Williams found Miller who scored (on a delayed penalty). 3-0.

The Wings started well, but got a penalty early in the second. They killed it nicely and took over momentum again and got a PP. They had some nice chances on it, but got nothing. After the PP they got another one, but got nothing on that either. Right after that, Z got a rebound, but Deslauriers was absolutely acrobatic and stopped it. After another couple of minutes that looked like PP even though it wasn't, the Wings got their third straight PP. On this one Rafa hit the post, before Homer got the puck behind the net and found the Mule who was free between the hashmarks. And he scored. The Wings pressured a little more, but then got a penalty against. The Oilers used 4 seconds to score on a slapshot. 55 seconds later Mike Comrie caught the Wings on a line change and made it 4-2 on a 3-on-1. The Wings pressured for the last couple of minute, but didn't score more.

The Wings played very well for the first couple of minutes of the third, but then, after 3 minutes, Stortini scored on a wrap around. It was pretty even for a few minutes after that, then Detroit started to get pressure, which of course lead to the Oilers tying it. Then the Oilers got a PP, but the Wings killed it. They pressured the hardest for the rest of the game, but the Oilers had some good chances on the rush. With a little more than a minute left, Pasha took a shot that was directed in by Stuart's stick. It was reviewed for a long time to see if his stick was high, but it was ultimately called a good goal. The Oilers tried with their goalie pulled and even had a PP for the last 10 seconds, but the Wings won 5-4.

- If you don't think Jimmah deserves a Hart nomination, you need to look up what MVP means. Even if he struggled a bit today.
- I love it when Datsyuk gets pissed. Today he got pissed twice and it was awesome.

3 things that worked
- A good start
- Conversion of chances
- Good comeback towards the end.

3 things that didn't work
- Jimmah looked a bit shaky at times.
- They fell asleep right after the first Oil goal.
- They fell asleep again in the first half of the third.

Play of the game
The Kronner goal. What a one-timer! And a really smart play both by him and Mulio.

Player of the game
Franzén. He created havoc again and again. If he only had shot a little better he might have gotten more than one.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Avoiding the sweep

Yes, you read that right. The Edmonton Oilers will tonight have the opportunity to sweep the Red Wings. That would be pretty fucking embarassing wouldn't it? The Wings have been horrible against the Oilers this season. In the first game they sucked for the first 30 minutes and let the Oilers have two 4-goal leads. They came back with a good finish and the Oilers were lucky to get a shootout, but they won it. Then, at the Joe, the Wings really shit the bed in a game where they were at their most injured. Jakub Kindl played in the game, actually it was his NHL debut. The Oilers won 4-1 and the Wings looked worse than ever. The last game was in the midst of a good roll, but after giving up two early goals the Wings had to crawl back and they had a horrible game with lots of bad passes. They tied it in the last second, but lost the shootout.

They need to be better than that tonight. They are a much better team than the Oilers and need to show it. They need to have focus and play like they care. This win is important in the battle for position among the Western playoff teams and could also put them closer to clinching a spot. Win this! Also, I cannot stand the thought of being wept by my brother's favourite team.

Keys to the game
- A good start.
- Connect with passes
- Good decisions
- Jimmah needs to stay hot
- PP conversion

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Clinching a playoff spot

We can all feel it. The Wings are getting close. Remember how nervous we were just a week ago or so? Now we're confident, we have 8 points on the Flames. We feel good. But just how soon can we be 100 % sure that the Wings will make the playoffs? And how much more must the Wings do to clinch a spot? I tweeted some of this earlier, but here is a statistical rundown:

- The Flames 7 games left to play. They have 83 points. That means that they can maximum get 83+14= 97 points.
- The Wings also have 7 games left to play. They have 91 points. If both they and Calgary end up with the same score, the Flames advance on more wins. So the Wings need 98 points. 7 more points over 7 games. And that is if the Flames are perfect and no one else bombs. Seems quite achieveable.
- The first day the Wings might clinch is Thursday against the BlowJs. If the Flames lose in regulation Sunday in Washington and Wednesday at home to the Coyotes (both of those sound quite likely to happen), they can only get as much as 93 points. If the Wings take three or more out of four points at home against the Oil on Tuesday and BJs on Thursday they will have at least 94 points and be in.

So, it is looking very good for the Wings team right now and it's a great time to be a Wings fan. And it might become even greater soon.

But remember my dear Red Wings, we need you to stay hot down the stretch and into the playoffs! No collapses once you clinch, you hear me?


I missed the first three minutes, but the shots seemed to point towards Nash dominance. The Wings came back a bit after 5-6 mins, but first after having to kill a penalty (after either a dive or accidental slip, bogus penalty) did they get into it. They were the best team for the rest of the period except for the fact that they had to kill two more penalties, both of them weak/questionable.

The first two thirds of the second were all Wings. They started on carryover kill and killed it no problem. Then they got a PP and did horribly. From there on they had good pressure, but no huge chances. Then at the middle of the period Bert had a chance where the puck trickled across the line and drew a PP. This was better, but Rinne stood on his head and there were no goals. In the last third it was more even, but with Preds having the best chances. The last two minutes were all Wings again. Boooring period.

The third started with two minutes of end to end hockey before a period of good Wings pressure. A little before the midway mark the Preds took over and the Wings looked tired. Still they got their chances. Nashville got their best chance with a little more than 4 mins left, but Jimmah saved it. From there on out the Wings had control, but couldn't score.

The overtime was without huge chances, but both teams had decent ones and the Wings had the most.

The first four rounds of the shootout were scoreless. Then the Wings got one from Bert, but the Preds answered. The next 5 rounds were scoreless, but featured hilarious stuff like Homer and Draper, Eaves falling in his own legs and a near repeat of the Steve Ott "goal". Then, in the 11th round, Kronner scored and Jimmah saved. Wings win and climb past the Avs, and are within one, with a game in hand on the Preds.

- The first period might be, decision for decision, the worst period of reffing I have ever seen. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder with Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen as linesmen?
- It felt like Jordin Tootoo played half the first period. After hearing the whistles for this period, my wish for him to get a mild injury became a wish for him to get injured, I don't care for how long.
- Many weird plays in the first, either bad puck or bad ice.
- 3rd game in a row on an enemy feed (and the one before that was on Versus) WTF????
- In the second it became clear that the ice was horrible. Made the game random and shitty.
- Booooring game, the ice sucked. It was slush. Relocate all southern teams NOW!

3 things that worked
- Good domination at times
- Good penalty killing
- Howard was great

3 things that didn't work
- Bad, bad start
- Bad conversion on chances
- They at times seemed a bit tired and lost races and battles.

Play of the game
Jimmah's huge save towards the end.

Player of the game
2nd career shutoot, 10 shootout saves. Jimmah is the man!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Trashville time.

Wouldn't it be so cool if Nashville became a thrash metal hotbed so we could call it Thrashville? Well, until then I'll go with Trashville.

This is a big game in some ways. The Flames, predictably, lost today and the Wings have the opportunity to pull 8 points ahead of them. If they do that I will say they have a 99% chance of making the playoffs. They also have the chance of gaining ground on other teams and could advance a spot or two if the result go their way. Now I know that many of us would rather see SJ or Chicago than the Dogs or Canucks in the first round, but well, you've gotta beat the best anyway to win the cup and the most important thing right now is that the Wings can keep their game at a high level down the stretch, get chemistry, lines that stick and go into the playoffs with a good feeling, being on a roll. So we need a win tonight, as always. Let's take them down, get closer to clinching a playoff spot and a breathing point. Cause it would sure be nice to be able to get off the Hasek for a game or two before getting on for real when the playoffs start. Dan Cleary is out, Meech is in.

Keys to the game
- The Wings need to continue their dominant passing game.
- They need to get an early edge on Suter and Weber, cause they're good.
- No one fights Shea Weber.
- No blocks Shea Weber's shot with places they don't have ALOT of padding.
- Make sure Shea Weber doesn't get any shooting opportunities.
- A better game from Jimmah.
- Better PP effectiveness, especially early
- Please hurt Jordin Tootoo, not badly, but so that he leaves the game real early and doesn't return. I HATE those train whistles.

Running Wild and running free

FSWild feed, but I saw the pregame Herm(ano) interview. Nice stuff. Looking forward to see the intermission thing.

What a game for H2H, just amazing!

The game started well with some pressure and after just a minute the Wings got a PP. The PP was ok, but nothing more and right after it Rafa lost the puck behind his own net and the Wild scored. Or at least that was what we thought (because the ref thought so). The video review clearly showed that the puck was on the line, but never even close to crossing it. Right after that the Wings got another PP. The PP had a good first 40 seconds and then sucked. But after the PP the Wings continued their pressure and got yet another one. And this one sucked even more. And then, the Wild got a makeup PP. They got nothing on it, but were close a few times. They were a little more in it before the end, but the Wings clearly dominated the period.

Wow, I have a hard time rememebering this right becausee so much happened, but here is how I THINK the second went: Less than two minutes in, after a good chance for each team, Franzén got the puck in the neutral zone, took it in and outwaited Harding, 1-0. Then the Wing got a PP right after that. The PP was good and the best chance came 15 seconds before the end when Z centered a nice feed to Bert. Bert's stick was hacked up before he could shoot it though. That led to a 15 second 5-on-3 and then a PP where a wide Nick shot was redirected in by Homer. A little after that, there was a bad makeup call on E, but the Wings were killing it nicely when they got caught with too many men for a 45 second 5-on-3 the other way. Z DOMINATED that and when it ended E got a chance. He lost it, but got it behind the net and centered it to Nick for a shortie! The official word says E touched it, so I guess he got the goal. And right after the kill ended Dats banked a puck of an opponent's skate. 4-0. The Wings controlled the game for a while, but then with 5 mins left the Wild got a PP. They used just a few seconds to score. Not Jimmah's best goal. The Wild presured for a couple after that, but the Wings came back and owned the last two minutes. javascript:void(0)

Early in the third Owen Nolan dumped a puck in on Jimmah. It bounced weirdly and went in. Unlucky, but one he'd probably like to have back. The Wings looked flat for a few minutes after this, but then they got a PP, Homer found the Mule in front. 5-2. The game opened up after this, but had few chances. With half the period or so left, Miller took the puck into the offensive zone and settled the score with a shot between Backström's legs. 6-2. The Wings controlled in after that, but did not capitalize on a couple of more PPs and a 5-on-3.

- I hate watching the Wild
- I also hate watching Wild feeds
- Herm is a gameMAKER!
- Cleary got hurt again on a Boogard hit. Fuck!

3 things that worked
- They looked in it right off the bat.
- The offense looked awesome.
- They had a lot of dominance and puck posession.

3 things that didn't work
- The PP sucked in the first.
- The PK goal should NOT have happened.
- They seemed flat for a short time late in the second and early in the third.

Play of the game
Homer's amazing redirection.

Player of the game
Franzie. He just had a real dominant game and scored two.

Friday, March 26, 2010

And if you know your history...

Today is Herm to Hockeytown day. And yes, I am insanely jealous. And I hope you all have a great time. But today is also an even more important day. It is Fight Night day!

Captain Norris over at the Winged Wheel posted this gem today giving a brief history of the events before and under the game. Because of this I will not go as far in recapping the Blood Game/Blood Brawl/Fight Night at the Joe as I originally intended.

Instead I will do a few things, and the first is to talk about the game and what it meant, both to me and to the wings. I remember sitting at home in our living room back in 1997. I had been a Wings fan for a couple of years and vividly remembered the hit on Draper a year earlier. It had been etched into my memory and like every other Wings fan, I hated the Turtle with a passion. And still do. I was close to my 9th birthday and had begged my parents to let me stay up for the game. I don't know how much of the commentary I understood back then, especially since I have seen it so many times since it surfaced on the internet some years ago, but the game itself is etched into my memory. I remember how my mom went to bed before the game started (she was the kind of woman who didn't care much for sports, but who still watched practices, drove me to practices and took a keen interest in hockey as long a I participated in the events) and how my dad stayed up with me. I remember the feeling of revenge, of pride in a team that stood up for itself and where teammates stood up for each other. I remember how DMac scored the goal over all goals and how I he almost surpassed Stevie (impossible) a my favourite player. And he still is my second favourite. I cannot remember how tired I was the next day, but I know it was worth it. And the feeling I went to bed with was pure fucking awesome.

The game also, as CaptNorris pointed out, meant the world to the Wings. They not only bonded closer together as a team through the game, they also showed the Avalanche and the world that they could beat them. Both at the game and at the violent stuff. They got revenge for a hit that had plagued them for almost a year and got redemption for the conference final loss the year before. Actually, the victory thing can, for people who weren't fans yet, be likened to the feeling we got from beating the Pens recently, just multiply it by ten and a half. This game also cemented DMac as both an enforcer, the ultimate team guy and a player who could do more than just fight. It also gave Shanny and Malts a chance to stick up for their new teammates. All in all, this game was key to their cup run that year, and maybe to their whole dynasty era.

I also want to talk about the man. I have done it before and I will do it again, and today is a perfect day for this. Darren McCarty. The enforcer. The grinder. The goal scorer (at key moments). The fan favourite. The teammate over all teammates. This is just one of countless examples (actually he did it in more or less every game, but this one stands out) of him standing up for his teammates, playing with the logo tattooed to his chest and sacrificing his body for his team. You can have as many Fedorovs and superstars as you want, but if you don't have the team spirit, the great teammates and the grinders who go out ready to die for their hockey club on every shift, you will still lose. Darren McCarty was the ultimate version of that guy. And thus he holds a very, very, very special place in my heart. I will easily admit that I have had tears in my eyes every time I have seen a Wing lift the cup, but do you know when I started really tearing up in 08? Yes, you guessed it, when DMac lifted the cup and fulfilled his redemption stint in Detroit, showing that he had overcome his personal demons and made a comeback as an elite player. Still, every time I see that toothless grin I have to smile. DMac was one of a kind, and a player we will never see the likes of again. And while my brain says that you cannot go around throwing around jersey retirements, my heart says that he belongs in the rafters, because he embodied the spirit of the team that won those cups, he was the heart. At least make a banner, or a statue or something for the grind line together. They deserve it. Darren deserves it.

Last of all, I have got some pieces of video for those of you, who cannot do as I plan to do, ritualisticly watch the game in its entirety. First of all, let's take a look at Satan, the Turtle, Clod, claude lemieux and remember why we hate that guy with a fucking passion. Look at the two first plays here, horrible (the last one is the rematch after the FightNight):

Now, let's look at an extensive recap of the fights. I will point out a few highlights - Video 1:
1:51 - Look at young Murph have a romantic dance with Keith Jones!
3:32 - Could there be two more unlikely people starting it all? Foppa and Igor!
3:44 - DMac starts the revenge
3:48 - Shanny's amazing fly-tackle of Patrick Roy. Just fricking awesome.
4:59 - DMac still fired up, screaming in the box
5:24 - DMac now screams at the Avs

Video 2:
0:10 Vlad vs. Deadbeat. Always good to see Vlad even if he got dropped.
0:45 Shanny vs. Adam Foote.
2:36 Homer gets a few in on Keane even though he is on his back
5:58 DMac vs. Deadbeat. DMac wins

I also want to show a video Dena sent my way for this post about my favourite moment in that game. It includes a few more things I love:
2:29 The ice after the REVENGE
3:03 What a play by Kozzy and Marty!
3:49 Another awesome play. The game winner
4:13 My all time favourite hockey moment. You can read more about it in the last link above this. The hug. Draper and Mac. Just beautiful. Shows that it all comes down to friendship.

Happy FightNight day people and have a great time at H2H!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blues for St.Louis

(Lol, published this under its working title first. You can see it in the adress bar)

Huge win! The playoffs are getting closer and closer!

I thought the Wings were pretty good the first few minutes. They won the draws, got some chances and played well. Then motherfucking Paul Karyia, the Wings-killer, myteriously managed to fool both Nick and Rafa and decided to score. Motherfucker. Right after that they got another chance and got a PP. That was killed off, but the Wings looked awfully flat after that. They struggled getting it out of their own zone, weren't tough enough on the puck and got thoroughly dominated. The last 5-6 minutes the Wings woke up a bit and got some chances on a PP, after a nasty(!) too many men penalty. But nothing more. Hope Babcock is screaming in the locker room.

Less than 30 seconds into the second, Bert found Hank who used his strenght to take it past former Calder winner (lol) Barrett Jackman and score one handed. The Wings came on strong after that, and a few minutes later, Flip shot and Hank shot the rebound off Tuzzi's skate and in. The Wing dominated the first 13-14 minute of the period and had good pressure. They had a PP, but should have had a couple more. The PP by the way, was goalless and suffered from the usual one-too-many-passia. Then the Blues got a double PP, but got NOTHING. The best chance was from Miller, who showed speed and was close to a shorty. The Blues did well the last few, but the Wings held them off.

The third started with a couple of great Wings chances, uncluding a breakaway for Datsyuk, but it was the Blues who scored. On a harmless play, some dude let off a surprising shot and Jimmah just waved at it. The Wings came back and played well for the next few minutes, but after the first TV-timeout it was pure St.Louis. But after the second one, the Wings came back into it and with a little more than 6 to go, Rafa dumped a puck on net, Conks gave a rebound and Fil dangled him and scored. The Blues pressured like crazy for the next minutes, but the Wings kept them to the outside and got in the lanes. With their goalie pulled, the Blues got nothing and Flip got himself an empty netter.

- I hate when I get enemy broadcasts. I usually like Panger, but tonight he was horrible and insufferable. They also have a lame old fuck in the intermissions.
- Moron on FSMidwest says Drapes has lost a step. Well, he'd be faster if Brewer didn't have his stick wrapped around him, you skullfucked arseface.

3 things that worked
- They came back well in the second after a bad first period.
- They had a great PK all night.
- They didn't give the Blues much room close to the net.

3 things that didn't work
- They didn't manage to keep going in the first after getting a goal against.
- Too many odd man rushes against.
- They struggled with the breakout at times.

Play of the game
The high dump by Raf, and the dangle by Flip.

Player of the game
Zetterberg put his stamp on the game once again.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A day in the life... Special edition - Ken Holland

So I had to do something special for Kenny "Tick Tock" Holland:

Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy (hey, what up Ken?)
Put my glasses on, I'm out the door - I'm gonna hit the city (let's go)
Before I leave I call B.Burke and talk a whole lot of smack
Cause when Kenny slams a team, it ain't coming back.
I'm talking - trades now on the phones, phones
Trying to bust some bones, bones
Other managers are like cones, cones
In my car I play a CD
My phone it does have 3G
Trying to get Mike Ricci (killed)

Don't stop, win the drop
Pavel, blow that d-man up
Tonight, James'll fight
Till Sid sees some starlight
Tick tock, on the clock
But the season don't stop, no
Whoa-oh oh oh
Who-oh oh oh

Don't stop, win the drop
Pavel, blow that d-man up
Tonight, James'll fight
Till Sid sees some starlight
Tick tock, on the clock
But the season don't stop, no
Whoa-oh oh oh
Who-oh oh oh

Ain't got no care in the world, cause I'm got my star player
Ilitch has money in his pocket, and Nick is already here
Now the teams are lining up, cause they hear we've got swagger
But we kick'em to the ice, until they look like Mick Jagger
I'm talking about - everybody getting smacked, smacked
Try to touch us, they get cracked, cracked
Other GMs better get packed packed
Now, now - we goin' til the kick us out, out
Or G. Bettman shut us down, down
Bettman shut us down, down
Buttman, shut-us

Don't stop, off the hop
Henrik, blow that goalie up
Tonight, Eaves'll fight
Versteeg sees some starlight
Tick tock, on the clock
But the season don't stop, no
Whoa-oh oh oh
Who-oh oh oh

Don't stop, off the hop
Henrik, blow that goalie up
Tonight, Eaves'll fight
Versteeg sees some starlight
Tick tock, on the clock
But the season don't stop, no
Whoa-oh oh oh
Who-oh oh oh

Kenny, you build us up
You break them down
My heart it pounds
Yeah, you got it
With our hands up
You got it now
You got that cup
Yeah, you got it
Kenny, you build us up
You break them down
My heart it pounds
Yeah, you got it
With our hands up
Get your hands up
Put your hands up

No, the party don't stop until I walk in

Don't stop, win the cup
Nicklas, lift that fucker up
Tonight, E will fight
Perry sees some starlight
Tick tock, on the clock
But the season don't stop, no
Whoa-oh oh oh
Who-oh oh oh

Don't stop, win the cup
Nicklas, lift that fucker up
Tonight, E will fight
Perry sees some starlight
Tick tock, on the clock
But the season don't stop, no
Whoa-oh oh oh
Who-oh oh oh

Still got the Blues for you (now with more Captain Beefheart)

Bad title, bad bad title, Gary Moore was so much better in Thin Lizzy, but whatever.

This game is scary for many reasons. One of them is that the Wings are 1-3-1 against the Blues this year. Anyone remember the game where they won 1-0? Or the Stockholm games? Yeah, I was at that first Sthlm game and it sucked. And the Wings definitely have a tendency to falter and stoop down to their opponent's level when they meet someone like the Blues. This needs to not happen today. This game can put us back up 4 points ahead of the Flames and get us closer to the Preds and Avs. This is a must win. Therefore I trust that the guys, Dan Cleary (who is back today) included, go out and give this game as much effort as they have done in the last few games.

Keys to the game
Trying something new today. I feel like the current recap format offered too little of analysis-attempts. Thus I am removing the Keys to the game and replacing them with 3 things that worked and 3 things that didn't work. The Keys will now be preview only and more like points of what the Wings need to do.

- The Wings need to play their own game, they need to dominate the Blues like we know they can and play their own brand of hockey.
- We need a full 60 minutes.
- The Wings need to get traffic and fire more shots to poke a hole in the great STL goaltending.
- No turnovers
- The breakout needs to work better than against the Pens.
- We need a good forecheck.

And since we meet the Blues we need some music. So here, first a few classic blues-rock songs and then some more obscure stuff from one or two personal favs:

A little outside the genre, but I LOVE this one:

Another absolute gem. It's a Booker T cover:

Same band, another cover, this time of Robert Johnson:

This one has been covered to death, but the original is still amazing:

Same band, lesser known song:

No musical compilation here is complete without a song by God (Frank Zappa), this one is some great Blues rock:

Now, to a personal fav, Don van Vliet aka. Captain Beefheart. This might be the weirdest blues you will ever hear, but damn, the guy has some pipes and some weird, haunting melodies. Let's start with a "soft" and well known one:

Another two tracks from the same album:

One of his absolute classics, from his debut:

And I'd be wrong not to include something from his masterpiece Trout Mask Replica:

From the same album, recorded by Frank over the phone, weird, but soulfull:

And I guess I need to include this one, cover of a Bo Diddley classic:

And, last of all, Frank and Don together, this one is a masterpiece:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Haha Cindy!

The game startewd out with a great Jimmah save on Crysob. Then the Wings got a PP, where they had some great chances, but didn't score. Through the first twelve minutes it was very even, lots of end to end, but I thought the Pens were a bit better 5-on-5. They were strong in the neutral zone, and Detroit struggled on breakouts. And they dominated the 4-on-4. The rest of the period wasn't much different, but the Wings won more battles and got more chances. They had another PP, but were to pretty, making too many passes. Then with less than a minute left, Bert found Flipper in the neutral zone. Val took it in and made a goal-scorer's shot through the legs of Gonchar and in. 1-0! After that we had a hilarious moment where Talbot tried to sucker Flip and Crysob then douchebagly nudged him. And in the dying seconds, Lids got close from the red line.

The Pens started out best in the second, but the Wings came back at the them. Right as they did that, they drew a penalty, but somehow the refs decided to negate it with a ridiculous one on Homer. The Pens dominated the first half of the four-on-four, the second half was pretty even. Right after that, the Pens got a PP, but it was killed off. The Wings started to play well after that. And then Bert won a puck in the corner, fed it to Nick, who found Z. Z took it in, backhanded it on goal, where Bert was tying up Crosby. Z got his own rebound and scored. The Wings dominated the next minutes and had some good chances. Even when the Pens got the puck more they kept them to the outside. But with three minutes left, a harmless dump in lead to a turnover, and the ouck somehow bounced in. 2-1. Luckily, the Wings responded well and had some nice pressure towards the end.

Right of the bat in the third, Flipper got the puck to Z, who took it into the zone. Drew two defensemen and used their sticks as a screen for a perfect shot. 3-1. The Wings got two straight PPs after that and had some chances, but got no closer than a crossbar by Franzén. From there on out they controlled the game and got close to adding another after a Gonchar turnover. The Pens pressured the last few minutes, but a post by Ponikarovski was the closest they got. As time ran out we got to see Cindy Crysob like we love to see him. Hitting Z in frustration, showing his douchiness in full flight. And I love how Howard took exception to it.

- If we have to listen to Lindsay Soto, then at least show more of her bust!
- I think Cindey backchecked well. Yes, you can slap me now.
- I thought Bert had a real nice game.
- And Meech took some good shifts.

Keys to the game
- Will anyone remember that the game starts at 7?
Yeah, decent start.

- And that it lasts 60 full minutes?
They were decent through the whole first and as good, if not better in the second. The third was exce-fucking-llent!

- Can someone please Kronwall Cindey?
Sadly no, but Bert had a decent hit on him.

- Will we see Dena and her Cindy photo on TV?
I didn't. Did you?

- What will Matt Cooke do to make me hate him even more?
Nothing I saw, but I heard he ate a baby in one of the intermissions.

Play of the game
Zs goal. Great teamwork. Great effort.

Player of the game
You just know that Z is gonna DOMINATE against the Pens.

A day in the life of Todd Bertuzzi

I had nothing to do at work, so the series continues!

7:00 Todd wakes up and sheds a tear for all the suffering in the world.
7:30 Todd is at the soup kitchen, cooking breakfast for the homeless people.
9:00 Todd is done at the soup kitchen, he eats a kitten for breakfast on his way to practice.
09:30 Todd arrives at the JLA. Spends 15 minutes signing autographs for the kids outside.
10:30 Ice practice. Todd plays well, but does some weird stuffs.
12:00 The practice is over, but Todd stays on for 20 minutes practicing spins for his upcoming Battle of the Blades season.
13:00 Todd arrives at the hospital. He visits 44 kids and the dude he recently donated his left kidney to.
15:01 Todd helps an old lady across the street.
15:03 Todd reads today's Production Line on his iPhone. He gets a few chuckles out of it.
15:05 Todd reads through the love letter he is working on for Michael Petrella. Hed still isn't satisfied. It seems clumsy and he cannot find the right words.
15:15 Todd has another kitten for lunch.
15:30 Todd does some volunteer work at a local school, helping kids with their homework.
16:30 Todd arrives at the soup kitchen to make dinner for the homeless people.
18:30 Todd leaves the soup kitchen. He has two more kittens for dinner.
18:40 Todd writes his daily letter of apology to Steve Moore.
18:53 Todd helps a kid find his parents at the mall.
19:00 Todd gives a beggar 1500 dollars.
19:03 Todd helps a kid get his cat down from a tree.
19:10 Gary Bettman calls. Todd tells him to fuck off and die.
19:15 Todd meets up with the hitman he has hired to "take care of" Marc Crawford.
19:30 Todd finds some homeless people and invites them to stay at his place since it's so cold outside.
20:00 Todd watches a documentary about the hunger in Sudan. He gets so moved that he donates his wife and kids to the relief efforts.
21:00 Todd spends two hours working on plans for world peace.
23:00 Todd goes to sleep. He sheds a tear for all the suffering in the world.

The Penguin hunt is on

Seeing as the Flames and the Avs lost last night, the Wings have the opportunity to pull four up on the Flames and get within one on the Avs (who though will have one game in hand). This is an opportunity that cannot be missed. We just cannot lose game like this one. And motivation should be there. We all remember what happened the last time these team met at the Joe L.. wait.. actually I don't, I have repressed that memory, but still, motivation should be there. And the Pens have been a bit shaky lately, so this is a prime opportunity. If the Wings play their A game, they will win. DO IT.

Haven't read any pre-games yet, but heard Stuy might be out.

Keys to the game
- Will anyone remember that the game starts at 7?
- And that it lasts 60 full minutes?
- Can someone please Kronwall Cindey?
- Will we see Dena and her Cindy photo on TV?
- What will Matt Cooke do to make me hate him even more?

A day in the life of Chris Osgood (and Jimmy Howard)

Due to popular demand (2 people, yeah I have a HUGE readership (most of whom come off google after clicking pictures I posted of biathletes during the Olympics)) the second installment of this series comes sooner than I planned.

*WARNING: This post is mean, childish and rude. Chris Osgood and his wife should both leave the site NOW*

7:30 Chris wakes up. He wonders where he is. He then realizes that he has slept on the couch. Again.
7:35 Chris tries to take a shower, but his wife has decided that Jimmah gets to use the bathroom first.
7:36 Chris yells at his wife for ten minutes. He ends with calling her a poo-poo head.
7:50 Chris finally gets into the bathroom. He looks in the mirror. Nope. Still no sign of facial hair.
8:05 Chris wakes his kids.
8:20 Breakfast. Jimmah gets the best piece of bacon and Chris asks his son to throw him an apple. He mysteriously fails to catch it and it ends up passing through his legs.
8:45 Chris leaves. Due to Chris's recent bad driving, Jimmah is in the drivers seat.
9:00 They stop for coffee.
9:30 They arrive at JLA.
9:45 The lineup for tomorrow's game is announced. Chris is not selected to start.
10:30 Ice practice begins. Chris savours the ice time, as he only gets any in practice.
10:59 Chris finally makes a save.
12:00 Chris yells at Mike Babcock for 20 minutes. He finally runs out, crying and shouting "doo-doo-pants, I hate you! I hate you!"
12:30 Spends excactly 12 seconds whining to Tick Tock before getting the door slammed in his face.
12:35 Calls Ty Conklin and call him bad names.
12:40 Calls Mike Vernon for consolation.
13:00 Physical training.
15:00 Online video meeting in the "relegated to backup" support group. Chris cries for twenty minutes. Then Andrew Raycroft tells about his recent struggle. Everyone cheers for Vesa Toskala's recent success.
16:30 Chris comes home. Plays Play Station against Jimmah and loses badly.
17:30 Ozzie goes on a beer run. The cashier doesn't believe that he's 21, says he looks younger. And when Chris says "don't you know me? I'm Chris fucking Osgood", the guy just laughs and says "no way! That dude must be at least 50 now and you're just a kid."
18:00 Jimmah gets the beer instead
19:30 Family dinner
21:00 The Osgood family watches TV. Jimmah gets to have the remote since Chris has made some bad channel choices lately.
22:30 They go to bed. Chris gets denied entry to the bedroom. Due to recent bad performances his wife will go with Jimmah tonight. "Again, fucking fuck that kid," mutters Ozzie. "I will," says his wife.
23:00 Chris falls asleep on the couch, crying.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A day in the life of Mike Babcock

Continuing the series that started a long time ago with the end of this post.

7:00 Mike wake up and feels happy. He softly kisses his wife and wakes her up.
7:25 Mike wakes the kids by singing the theme from Barney.
7:30 Mike has made a three course breakfast for his family. It is delicious.
7:50 Mike helps the youngest kid with his homework.
8:15 Mike kisses his family good bye and asks them to have a glorious day.
8:20 Mike is alone and doesn't like the darkness of the house. He sings some Tina Turner to keep the scary thoughts away.
8:30 Mike takes a shower
8:35 Shower finnished. Mike looks into the mirror and starts to think about all the things that provoke him.
8:50 Not there yet
9:15 Not there yet
9:30 Mike feels like he is finally there. He goes out to the street and looks at a kid. The kid screams and runs for its life. Finally there, the death stare is on for today.
9:45 Mike leaves for work.
10:04 Mike stops at Starbucks. He walks in and stares at the employee until she gives him his usual.
10:10 The coffee was too sweet. Mike screams at her for a few minutes.
10:20 Mike gets stopped for speeding. He unleashes a verbal salvo at the officer and it ends with the officer booking himself for disturbance of the peace.
10:30 Mike arrives at JLA. All the players get angst attacks.
12:00 Practice.
13:30 Meeting with Chris Osgood trying to explain why Ozzie won't play tomorrow either.
13:55 The meeting ends with Ozzie running out, crying like a baby.
14:00 Mike calls Kerry Fraser and screams to him for a few minutes.
14:15 Mike calls Gary Bettman. Gary pees his pants.
14:30 Mike and Kenny discuss the lineup.
15:00 Mike leaves the JLA.
15:20 Mike walks into a restaurant. Everyone else leaves. Mike gets a three course meal just by grunting and pointing at the menu.
16:00 Some guy cut Mike off on the way home. Mike cuts him off again and they stop on the side of the road. The guy starts yelling, but Mike just looks at him until he explodes.
16:15 Mike sees some teens smoking. He gives them a long and angry speech about the dangers of smoking. Sadly they get freaked out and runs away.
16:30 Mike tries to give some advice to some kids playing street hockey. They don't understand a word of his weird Canadian accent.
17:00 Mike comes home. He gets huge hugs from his kids.
18:30 Mike's wife come home. Mike has a large meal ready for her and the kids. It is fantastic.
19:30 The babysitter arrives. Mike spends 15 minutes saying good bye to his kids.
20:30 Mike and his wife watches the Opera. Mike thinks it is glorious.
22:30 They come home. Mike calls his mom and talks to her for an hour.
00:00 Mike and his wife goes to bed. Bet you want to hear more about that, but this is a hockey blog, not a porn blog.

Now that's how to play overtime

As you might have noticed on Twitter I was absolutely fricking smashed last night and in no shape to watch the game. Watched it this morning...

The Wings got an early PP and played well on it, but could not capitalize. Instead Christian Erhoff let off a point shot a minute later. A Sedin and Burger King gold card member Kyle Wellwood were both in front and well, seeing around Wellwood is, as we all know, damn impossible. The puck hit his skate and went in. The Wings got some good pressure after that, but then Homer took an interference penalty. The kill went well and the Wings continued pressuring. Their best chance came when Z tried to bank it off Luongo. Then, Wellwood (again) and Yannick Hansen (who is Danish and thus is a jackass) screened Howard while O'Brien let off a nice shot and scored. The Wings answered with more pressure, but could not score thanks to huge Luongo goaltending.

After a good first shift, the start of the second was slow. Then they had a great period of pressure, followed by a couple of Canucks chances. Then, Kronner moved the puck to Stuart, he shot it wide, Flip got it out in front, where Bieksa couldn't find it. Bertuzzi did and scored his first in 19 games. Off the next faceoff Datsyuk lost, but won the puck back, shot and scored just 5 seconds after the first goal. That was followed by a period of great Wings pressure, before the Canucks had some big chances. With a few minutes left of the period Nick took a holding penalty. While shorthanded Flip stole a breakaway and deked Luongo. A shortie! The rest of the penalty was killed, but the Canucks continued to pressure. They got close, but no goals.

The Wings came out flatfooted in the third and made a lot of turnovers. The Canucks were on fire and had huge chances. It paid off after five minutes, when D. Sedin took down a high puck and got it in. This was followed by a period of end to end action. Then the Wings had a horrible PP, but got some momentum and dominated the end of the period. They got close, but didn't score. Overtime.

The Canucks had the best chances in the first four minutes of the overtime, thanks to some stupid turnovers by Bertuzzi. But the Wings took over in the last minute and with 3 seconds left Z got the puck in the corner. He took it in and scored with a backhand shot. It went in with 0,3 seconds left. Another buzzer beater!

- Hearing Keating scream "Luuuuuu" was scary shit
- On a related note I feel like shit
- Has Kyle Wellwood lost weight? Oh, that's just his leg? Well, no then.
- The Z-Flip-Tuzzi line was pretty vibrant tonight.

No keys to the game today
Because I forgot to write a pre-game.

Play of the game
The overtime winner. HUGE!

Player of the game
Pasha dangled like crazy. Great stuff.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Now this pretty much sucked

I am drunk, but will try to get the spelling right. Yet, I Apol(l)o(Creed)-ize for any mistakes.

Way to give Dubnyk his first win ever. The Wings might have dominated, but they still pretty much played SHIT hockey all night. Bad passes, bad decisions (you all know how I feel about bad decisions, but if you don't: THEY MAKE YOU LOSE), bad shots, just overall bad stuff. Now we need a win in Vancouver tomorrow

Re(baseball-)cap (I need one)
I didn't see the first because of ESPNplayer problems, but the little I saw was horrible. Two BAD Oilers goals and the Wings looked dead. My tweeps say they were a little better in the second half of the period though.

The second was dominated by the Wings. They looked like they tried. The Oilers looked flat, as usual, but their chances looked fucking dangerous. However, the Wings scored in the beginning of the second half. Helmer shot it in. Drapes won it and found St.Patrick Eaves who scored. After that the Wings pushed again, but just like in the first half of the pertiod all their passes seemed.. off, and their passes didn't connect. And when they got chances Dubnyk saved. With 2 mins left they got a PP, but didn't even get a shot in.

The third had more Wings pressure, but shot when they shoot pass, passed to the wrong guy when they should pass and shot whe n they should've passed. Dubnyk saved. Missed a PP. Pure suckage. Then with 0,4 seconds left Rafa tied it up! Way to go!

The OT was pretty uneventful, except for a late Whitney chance.

The Oil scored on their first SO attemot. Big surprise. Jimmah sucks at deke attempts in the SO. Pasha hit the post. The Oil scored on their second too. Awesome. JWil gave us hope with a goal. Howard gave us more hope with a save on R. Nilsson. But Flip missed.. bad game.. got a point..

Thoughts... (...of Suicide (former song titles.. now Thoughts... is scrapped and ...of Suicide is named "The way we pay"
- Congrats to Nick on 1400 NHL games
- Soooorry. Will NEVER use the words hawt or hawties again.
- Tuzzi sucks
- Rafa has a beauty spot on the side of his uppper lip.

Keys to the game
- I know I'm gonna be wasted when I watch the game, so I will only have one question here: Will the Wings show up to play 60 minutes of solid hockey tonight?
Wasted? Yes! 60 minutes? Nah, they obviously came out atrociously bad. Fucking suckage. In the second they ølooked like they wanted it more, but they still totallyt sucked. 3rd was the same, but they scored another.

Play of the game
Guess I have to go with the Eaves goal.

Player of the game
Ozzie made no mistakes. Might be because he didn't play, but he is still my man of the match for the Wings.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Seeing a everyone seems to turtle like Claude Lemieux when facing Calgary and Nashville (are LA gonna take over their spot as the team in front of us?), the Wings will have to do this shit themselves. They need wins. Every fucking game. And tonight is no different. I've had a lot of bad feelings before games the last week and this is no different. Tonight Detroit has to show that they can come back after the huge Calgary win and then three days off, to kick the shit out of a team of hurt players, a team that sucks, a team they have struggled with this year. They have to show up mentally and play this game. If they do that, they win this game. It's as simple as that. And this is also my brother's favourite team, so I need them to win this.

Ericsson is in for Lebda, Howard is still in the net.

Keys to the game
- I know I'm gonna be wasted when I watch the game, so I will only have one question here: Will the Wings show up to play 60 minutes of solid hockey tonight?

Last of all, I just have to show this picture made by some Devils fans on Twitter. It cracks me up every time:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fedorov's jersey

So lately there has been a number retirement debate going on over at NOHS. The players that have been debated over there are Homer, Drapes, Ozzie and Fedorov. While I think none of those will be retired, I'd like to see Homer's number go and I see good arguments both for and against Draper and Ozzie. But when it comes to Fedorov... I think this is the time for me to finally make my big "I hate Sergei Fedorov with a fucking passion"-post.

Don't get me wrong, Sergei Fedorov was an amazing player back in the day, one of the most talented players of his era. And I am grateful for all he did for the Red Wings. However I have alway felt uneasy about the guy. He was inconsistent, often seemed like he didn't care. His recent comments about jealouy makes a good point, about himself. Feds always saw himself as the best player on the team, maybe in the league. He believed the focus should be on him and that he should be the leader. The team should have been his team. Do you guys remember how he always found another level when Stevie was out and he was the captain? Some people might call that clutch. I call it Sergei being incredibly jealous of Stevie and his leadership. Sergei thought Stevie's position should have been his, he thought the Russian five should have been the first line and play all the time and when he got the spotlight, the leader role he suddently cared. He also sat out half a season on strike in 97/98. When you do that, you are not a team guy. He even signed an offer sheet from the Canes and only went back to playing when the Wings matched their inflated offer. That's class and commitment for you. Or as Zappa would say "only in it for the money".

Then in 03, he rejected great offers to go to the enemy, the team that just had eliminated the Wings, the Ducks. He has later claimed that this was because of ms. Kournikova and their bad breakup. I don't care about what his warped relationship with her was, it was still treason on a high level and another example of him showing no loyalty, but rather lust for cash and even more, for the spotlight to be on him and not some Stevie guy from Bumfuck, BC.

The final nail in the coffin came a few months ago. He went out in Russian media slamming Scotty Bowman and the entire team and culture in the Red Wings. He accused them of jealousy, of trying to keep him down and hurt his progress. Such moronic lies shows that in his warped self-centered fantasy reality has been twisted into another form.

Sergei was a great player, but he never played for the team, he played for his own personal glory. He betrayed the team in the end and was close to doing it earlier, and his backstabbing comments show that he has no love for Detroit. Retiring his jersey would be ridiculous. A jersey retirement should show commitment to a team, it is for the guys who played with the logo tattooed to their chests. Sergei is nowhere near that.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yeah, yeah, yeah! What a huge win!

Wow, can I breathe again now. @kristinnnjane summarized the feeling of the game the best when she tweeted that he yelled "Nutfuck" when the game was over. God (Frank), was this a huge one!

It only took a couple of minutes of the first before Lilja made a bad pass that Helm couldn't take cleanly. It was intercepted and the Flames scored. After that the Flames dominated for a while before the game settled into a real shitty style. A lot of bad passes, weird mistakes and battles for position. Both teams had a few chances and the Wings missed on a few huge ones. The period also featured an amazing penalty kill.

After a couple of bad minutes to start the second, the Wings took over. They played better than in the first and got some nice chances, but Kipper was huge. Around the middle the Flames took over for a bit and got really close. But after that the Wings took over again and had a lot of good chances, only interupted by a few Flames chances. Sadly, the closest they got was their second post of the game. With a little more than 2 minutes left of the period the Wings got a PP. It started out badly. Glencross got a breakway, but got cut off by JWil. He got a penalty shot, but hadn't learnt that Howard suck when you deke. He shot and Jimmah saved. After that the Wings got some good PP time. Nick missed an open net, before Dangle got the puck in the high slot, settled it down, dangled, made four old men cry from the sheer beauty and placed a shot perfectly in the top corner. 1-1.

The third started off pretty well with some nice chances, but after a few minutes Rafa took an unlucky double minor for high sticking. The penalty kill was absolutely stunning and killed the four minutes off nicely. After that Kronner got a huge chances, but hit the goal post. This was the beginning of a nice Wings onslaught, but it yielded no results. Toward the end of the period the Flames got a little more into it, but with 90 seconds left a weird situation ended with Franzén getting the puck at the point, no one pressured him and Homer was able to redirect his blast into the net. The Flames came on strong in the last minute, but Jimmah stood strong and the Wings won. HUGE. Thank you Frank!

- Miller was on fire tonight!
- Weird Wallside commercial. Apparently they install windows and "stand behind them for 25 years". Creepy stuff.
- I will never get over the ugliness in the Bernstein family.
- Murph seemed sober at the start, then seemed as drunk as John Keating.

Keys to the game
- Can Pasha continue his onslaught?
Yes. Nice PP goal.

- Z has looked a little better with Flip on his line, can they take it to the next level tonight?
In the first they looked good and creative, but got nothing big out of it. Then for the second they got split up.

- Can we please get a full 60 minute effort?
Nah, the first 7 minutes were just bad and the rest of the first wasn't good enough either. The second was better, but they still had moments where they seemed "off". The third was excellent

Play of the game
Pasha's beautiful PP goal.

Player of the game
Nick had a very good and solid day at work

Monday, March 15, 2010

Do you want it?

Do you fucking want it? That's my question ask you my dear Red Wings. Do you want a playoff spot? If yes, then tonight would be a hell of a night to prove it. You can put some distance between yourselves and the Flames. You had the same chance a week ago, but threw it away with a mediocre game and a total collapse in the third. The players didn't seem like they knew what a team effort was, everyone tried to do everything themselves. Tonight you have another shot, tonight you can get the rare three game win streak. And I need you guys to show me that you want it. Want it, execute and you will have a damn good chances at winning.

Same lineup, same everything as the last game. BTW, Ovechkin's suspension is bullshit.

Keys to the game
- Can Pasha continue his onslaught?
- Z has looked a little better with Flip on his line, can they take it to the next level tonight?
- Can we please get a full 60 minute effort?

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Due to an old promise I had to be a chauffeur tonight and thus missed the first. Apparently the Wings started very well and Pasha and Eaves scored a goal each in the first four minutes. Sadly, Jochen Hecht made it 2-1 after 7 minutes.

I got home after about 5 minutes of the second, 5 minutes dominated by the Sabres it seems, just in time to see the replay of Hecht's tying goal. The Wings to outworked on that one. The Sabres took it to the Wings for the next few minutes. Around the midway point of the period the Wings got their first shot on goal of the period and started dominating. They owned the next seven minutes and players like Eaves, Z and the Mule all had amazing chances, but Ryan Miller was frickin huge for the Sabres. With three minutes left Cleary and a Sabre both held each other and hooked each other and only Cleary got penalized. The Sabres PP got nothing, but Flip and Miller were inches from scoring their second shortie in two games.

The Sabres started out the best in the third, but both teams had a huge chance early on. Then the Wings got the most obvious interference PP ever. They played well and got a post shot from Nick, but no cigar. The game evened out after that, but then the Sabres got a PP. It was dangerous, but again, no goals. The Wings dominated until there were 5 minutes left, then the Sabres took over. They got as close as a post. With a little more than a minute left, Tyler Myers took a delay of game penalty and while the Wings didn't manage to score, they took the rest of the PP with them into overtime.

And towards the end of that PP, Rafa kept the PP streak alive and secured the win with a great shot that Miller didn't see because of Cleary's excellent screen. Win!

- As Ken and Mick noted there were several minor headshots from the Sabres. Non of them of the type I want suspended, but they should lead to minors so they are elmininated from the game. Not good at all.
- On the other hand, Mike Grier passed up an opportunity to absolutely smoke Rafa, because he saw it wouldn't help the game and possibly hurt Rafa. Grier has always been a class act and a guy I respect a lot.
- Ryan Miller has probably never had as much goodwill in Motown as now. Nice job squabbling it by trying to land himself a major movie role.

Keys to the game
- So, I heard someone murmur something about a couple of brothers meeting in this game. Who are they? Who will be the best brother?
Ryan and Drew Miller. Drew had a great game, but Ryan was HUGE.

- Will Pasha keep playing dangelicious hockey with his linemates?
He scored in the first and from what I saw he won pucks, dangled and played great with Franzie.

- Can Jimmah be the better goalie in the game?
I have no idea about the first goal, but the second wasn't Jimmah's fault. Jimmah played well as far as I saw, but Miller showed why he is NHL's best goalie.

Play of the game
Rafa's goal. The only one I saw. But boy was it huge!

Player of the game
Pasha was the best on the ice yet again. Superstar form has arrived

Taking the Buffalo by the horns

After a real good game against the Wild, the Wings need to string two good games together to get past a strong Sabres team. Possible? Hell yes, but it's not gonna be easy. I have a bad feeling for most of the games this week and this is no doubt the one I feel the worst about. The 6-2 loss back in October was gnarly. But the Wings can be better than that and if they play like we know they can, they should be the better team out there no matter who they play. So get on it boys. WIN TONIGHT!

Sadly, a dumb promise will keep me from seeing the first half of the game. And as I am very very very tired, I might just skip the whole thing and view it when I wake up (late) tomorrow. So don't expect the usual a-minute-after-the-final-buzzer-recap.

Keys to the game
- So, I heard someone murmur something about a couple of brothers meeting in this game. Who are they? Who will be the best brother?
- Will Pasha keep playing dangelicious hockey with his linemates?
- Can Jimmah be the better goalie in the game?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Red Wings 5 - Wild 1

Title inspired by this:

I always have a working title for these. That's because I make the headlines and main framework before the game starts. Tonight's working title was Wild Child. That happens to be the name of TWO great songs. So even though the title is now changed, here's some music for you:

I have also started drinking, so this could get ugly.

The Wings started up with some offensive zone time and after less than 3 minutes it payed off when the Mule got the puck in the left circle, let a Empire State Building size slapper off and scored. The Wild seemed to come back a bit after that and got a PP when Lilja collided knee on knee with Owen Nolan. The refs of course ignored that Lilja got a huge punch in the head in the scrum after that. On the PP Koivu missed an open net and Helm forced him to take a penalty right after that. After that 4-on-4 and short PP, Homer took a slapper from right inside the line. It changed direction off a Wild player and went in. Shortly after that Z got a puck in front of the net and scored again. The Wings carried the play with just some small Wild interuptions for the rest of the period, but in the last minute the Wild got a lucky bounce and made it 3-1. The dangerous 3 goal lead strikes again?

I once knew a fella named Johan
Who never had sex with ms. Lohan
And when he shot the buck,
Well the goalie said fuck,
Yes that goal it was glorious, oh man.

I once knew a guy who killed keepers
Oh well at least he gave them jeepers
Homer was his name
And the goalie's to blame
When he scored with slapshots on the cheapers

I once knew a guy who was named Z
And he was so much better than me
Tonight he stopped his slump
Nothing more than a bumb
He's the best in the world, can't you just see?

The first half of the second period was pretty uneventful, but the Wings controlled it well and had the best chances. The Wild took over a bit at the mid point and right after Howard ROBBED Koivu with a glove save the Wild got a PP. They sucked on it and Flip got a chance shorthanded. He kinds flubbed it, but shot a late one off Miller's stomach and in. It was reviewed, but amazingly Toronto got it right. After that the Wild had the play, but the Wings controlled them well.

I once knew a fella named Miller
Who was a real penalty killer
Flip's shot hit his waist
In the goal it was chased
He proved he is not only filler

The first half of the third was pretty uneventful as well and through a PP each way the Wild had no shots on net. Then Franzén got a nice pass, dangled a guy and made it 5-1. Beautiful. The Wings controlled that result out the game.

I once know a fella who could score
He scored in the first and then one more
When the Mule hit the mesh
The goalie was not fresh
When the Mule fucks yup it is hardcore.

- Lilja sidestepping a huge Clutterbuck hit was awesome.
- Flip on the other hand got rocked.
- Howard's glove is unreal
- Mick's rant against headshots was great. I love Mick. I suddently started to fear the day he dies. Hope it's gonna be 30 more years.

Keys to the game
- Flip will be on Z's line. Will that wake any of them up?
Well Z scored in the first, but that was on a line change with Eaves and Drapes on. Still they seemed a lot more vibrant tonight. Got some chances and looked better.

- Can Howard play like we need him to?
In the first he made some huge saves, but also gave some huge rebounds. But as long as he saves those rebounds it's ok. Can't really be blamed for the first period goal. In the second he was safe. He had a HUGE glove save. Say what you want about his other shakiness, but his glove hand has been fantastic after the Olympics.

- Can the guys play like they care?
The first period really seemed like a caring team. In the second they controlled well.

Play of the game
The Mule goal. We have missed his shot so badly.

Player of the game
Mule. Two goals, great game. Dominant

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We need this one

After the horrible, embarassing, unacceptable effort against the Flames, the Wings need to fire on all cylinders tonight. Pinky's bunch are a gang we should beat, but I have a bad feeling, seeing as both the games this year against them have been bad.

Keys to the game
- Flip will be on Z's line. Will that wake any of them up?
- Can Howard play like we need him to?
- Can the guys play like they care?

And you really need to see this one. It's not Wings related at all, but it's an incident that happened after less than 4 minutes of a KHL game and lead to cancellation of the game because there wasn't enough players left. And Jagr is in it:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jim Mora sr. speaks of today's effort

I don't care who you play, wether it's a high school teamm junior college team, college team, MUCH LESS an NHL team. When you let in soft goals like that, play sloppy and don't create shit, you ain't gonna beat anybody I was just talking about. Anybody. All right? And that was a DISGRACEFUL performance in my opionion. We threw that game, we gave it away by doung that. We gave them the frickin game. In my opinion that SUCKS.... What's that? Playoffs? Who's talking about playoffs? You kiddin me? PLAYOFFS? I just hope we can win a game.

That's all folks. Good luck trying to sleep tonight.

Because no one likes streaks

That just sucked. Embarassing.

After a lackluster few opening minutes, the Pasha line started a Red Wings surge that sadly lead to no goals. Then, around the middle mark, the Flames had some offensive zone time due to sloppy choices by the Wings. I cannot fucking stress this enough. Success comes down to right choices. The Wings made a lot of wrong ones in the first. Then the Wings took over again and it all culminated with a PP drawn by (!) Bertuzzi. The PP was terrible and the momentum swung so Calgary owned the end of the period. The second needs to be more stable.

The second was weird. It started off with some nice back and forth and trading of chances until a weird bounce ended on Langkow's stick (Stuart thought they were exiting the zone and lost him totally). Some Flames guy covered Howard and Langkow scored on a perfect shot. The Flames had pressure for the next minutes and the Wings seemed dead. Luckily the Wings got back in and then, when it seemed like the Flames was taking the momentum back, a nice pass hit Pasha, who didn't get the best shot, but Kipper fumbled it. 1-1. After some more back and forth, Detroit got a PP and there Nick shot-passed to Homer who perfectly tipped it in. 2-1. The Wings had the most pressure for the rest of the period, except for on a PP, where they sucked.

Except for the first 20 seconds, the Flames dominated the start of the third. They got payoff when Iginla broke his Red Wing drought when both Kronner and Stuy overcommitted and missed their men. Less than 2 minutes later, pressure by the same line lead to a bounce in. The Wings couldn't answer when they got a PP and had to kill off a Flames PP. Couldn't do shit after that either. Then another Flames PP. That was negated when Miller drew a penalty. The Wings end PP got some chances, but instead Higgins scored in an empty net. Fuck you Red Wings. You don't deserve playoffs playing like this. Embarassing. Real, real fucking bad.

- I like 12:30 EST = 18:30 CET starts better.
- The refs warned Homer for his conduct around Kipper. How about warning Kipper for his constant whacking on Homer, focusing on making the right icing calls and calling penalties (board on Bert, rapage during the PP). The refs clearly hates kids, and puppies.
- I love it when Eaves hit big guys.

Keys to the game
- Can the team play like they are aware of what this game means and like they wanna win it?
They seemed to have the effort, but at times they were really sloppy. The in the third they didn't play the first ten, then there was effort, but it wasn't team effort, just individual desperation.

- Can Jimmah shake some shaky efforts and be as huge as we need him to be?
Jimmah was safe in the first. He didn't have to be spectacular in the second either, but he was good and safe. He might have been a little too early down on the Langkow goal, but he was screened. None were really on him, but not a stellar game.

- Jason Williams seem to wanna stay in Detroit and has gone on a minor goalscoring tear as of late. What will he do tonight? Secondary scoring like that is going to be crucial down the stretch.
He had a nice pass that sprung Z in the first. Other than that he wasn't too special.

Play of the game
The Homer goal. What a nice shot-pass by Nick.

Player of the game
Pasha just seems like he is on fire these days!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Extinguishing the Flames

So, the Flames are in town today and well, I probably don't have to tell you how fucking HUGE this game is. Wouldn't it be sweet to get a win, and see the Preds lose, so that the Wings could put the Flames far behind, while also leapfrogging the Preds?
Well, the Flames have had a shaky season, but are getting some momentum into their game right now. And players like Iginla are always dangerous. Lebda is out, Ericsson is in for the Wings.

Keys to the game
- Can the team play like they are aware of what this game means and like they wanna win it?
- Can Jimmah shake some shaky efforts and be as huge as we need him to be?
- Jason Williams seem to wanna stay in Detroit and has gone on a minor goalscoring tear as of late. What will he do tonight? Secondary scoring like that is going to be crucial down the stretch.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The best period ever, and two other periods

Well, ESPNplayer (formerly ESPN360) somehow didn't know that this game existed. They always seem to fuck up on the NBC games, but this was the first time they didn't even have it listed. So I got into the game after 8-9 minutes and on a shit, delayed feed. The first Hawks goal seemed (from the single replay I saw) like a lucky, shitty rebound. Probably not excellent by Jimmah. The Hawks pressured a bit more, but right when Detroit started to take over Lebda overskated a puck, Flip tried to make a risky pass, but Lebs wasn't looking and missed it. Stupid fuck. Hawks scored. With exception of a few moments, the Wings owned the rest of the period, but got nothing for it.

Right after the second period (41 minutes after the game started) ESPNplayer put up an empty slot on their site. A few minutes later it was renamed to fit the game, but had no feed. The feed arrived two minutes into the seconds. By then Chicago had either been robbed of a goal or Det of a PP, depending on who you listen to. Anyway, Chicago was on a PP, but it was killed. Soon after the Wings were going on a PP when a defenseman pushed Homer into the goalie, so Stevie Wonder in the zebra suit made it 4-on-4 instead. The Wings got a PP anyway a few seconds later. On that, Lids and Rafa switched sides, Huet didn't see it, so he left the net as open as Jenna Jameson's.. um.. mind (get your mind out of the gutter, pervs!). Rafa scored. Less than half a minute later Lids scored on another blast. Bertuzzi both started that play and "Homered" the goalie on that one. The Wings kept pressure and a few minutes later Z grinded his way in on the left side and found Williams, who was driving the net like a madman (imagine Gary Bettman fighting his way to get to Sid) and scored. It was snappily followed by Bert taking a puck, driving it up, feeding Flip and 4-2. The Hawks changed goalies after that and got some pressure, but with a few seconds left, Dats stole the puck from Kane, like a thief from a baby. On his breakaway he deked Niemi so bad he peed his pants and scored. 5-2. The third is yet to come, but I announce this the best period ever.

In the third Chicago went right out there and scored. They dominated the period while Detroit defended. Ladd got his hat trick with 7 minutes left and they came close to tie it a couple of times, but good defense, one great kill, good Howard and a huge effort from Kronner saved it. I don't really remember more than that. My pulse was too high...

- Mike Milbury. Prime time arse hat! How stupid are NBC to put the worst GM ever on their network as an analyst? After the job he did on the Island he should have been thrown out of hockey forever.
- Commercials with Keisha and Lady Gaga might be as bad as Milbury. Worthless, worthless music.
- I wish Brett Lebda didn't exist.
- I am not even gonna bother commenting on Edzo and McGuire. You know what I think about them...
- Olympics. PUKE!
- Pasha would have been an excellent pickpocket.
- When Bert finally has a GREAT game, he gets hurt. Of course.

Keys to the game
- Can Pasha be on top form two games in a row?
In the first he was pretty invisible. In the second he came out stronger and dominated. He might have set a world record for takeaways in a period. He continued to be great in the third, even after he took a puck off his foot.

- Danger! Danger! What will Helm do?
He of course worked hard and brought energy. At times he worked even harder than hard.

- What kind of Jimmah will we see?
The first goal wasn't good. Other than that he made some nice saves in the first, but also gave a couple of rebounds that were too big. In the second he was awesome. In the third he did the job and that's what matters.

Play of the game
So much to choose from, but Danglium's steal it is.

Player of the game
Pasha. Yet another great game for number 13.

The Enemy

Yeah, I know that comparing the Hawks to the Third Reich is a bit harsh, especially seeing as I just came home from Austria, a country where the invasion in 1938 (Anschluss) was more of a celebration parade than a war, and where no one decided to mention to us that while Beethoven in fact was German, not Austrian, Adolf Hitler, was Austrian. (For good measure the Austrian also gave the world Jörg Haider (former governor of Carinthia and leader of the Austrian Freedom Party and another right wing party, right wing extstremist, racist, anti-semittist and a guy who died hard), Wolfgang Priklopil (who held a 10 year old in his basement for 8 years) and Josef Fritzl). However, I digress (one of my favourite hobbies). My point is, the third reich and the Hawks can not be compared. Beating up a cabbie for 20 cents is no match for killing 5+ million jews and starting the biggest war ever. So the lyrics of the following song has no bearing at all on the game today. However the title does, the Hawks truly are "The Enemy". And as you know, we here at Fight Night (me, myself, I and the leprechaun living under my kitchen sink, who comes out at night to whisper evil things into my ear) will never pass up a chance to play some Anthrax. So, enjoy!

Yeah, so you guys might be kinda pissed about the 12:30 start today, and I understand that. And let me say, I hate the fact it is on NBC as much as you guys. I mean, how much Rosby fellatio will we hear today? Will Eddie or Pierre suck up the most to Toews and Kane? But, for a Norwegian, what translates into a 6:30 PM CET start is pretty good. So, I am happy.

This is a game we must win. The Hawks have had a good grip on us this season and we need this, for points and to keep some balance in the rivalery. Go Wings! Also, this game is worth a 25 dollar donation from me if the Wings win.

Keys to the game
- Can Pasha be on top form two games in a row?
- Danger! Danger! What will Helm do?
- What kind of Jimmah will we see?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Video limericks

Since a lot of people liked the limericks in the previous post, I decided to see how they would work with some video treatment:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Limerick night at the Joe

Warning: This post might contain poetry and attempts at limericks that just barely falls short of being limericks. Discretion is adviced.

The first period started off with some nice Wings chances, but after just two minutes Bertuzzi took a stupid tripping penalty. The kill however, was awesome. After that the game floated back and forth with few chances, until Pasha stole the puck at the side of the net, dangled the goalie into outer space, took a poop, whistled three bars of Hang down your head Tom Dooley and scored. Soon after that the Preds had a post after a weak play by Flip in his own zone, but the Wings kept some pressure and was rewarded with a PP. On that PP, Pasha dangled so much everyone stopped to clap at his performance, giving him just enough time to write his memoirs and dish the puck to Lids. Nick got his 800th assist when he found Homer, who scored the easiest goal in NHL history (weirly enough, only Homer's 25th easiest goal). The Wings had another flurry of chances late in the period, but to no avail.

Spontaneous intermission poetry:
I once knew a player called Pasha
A dangler and a good flasha
The goalie was stunned
In his interviews punned
And he scored like his countryman Sasha

Meh, no good rhymes for any of his names or nicknames.. how about:
No one can play like our friend Nick
His feel for the game is just plain sick
He looks to the left
And for Homer it's theft
Leaves the goalie alone to suck dick.

Enough limericks. On to the second.

The Wings started the second on top speed. They didn't score on an early PP, but kept it up and after a few minutes Helm worked hard, took a shot and scored. The Preds took over after that. Then they got a PP. After seeing Howard fend off a barrage, Helm got a one-on-one with Suter, shot, stole the rebound and scored. The Preds continued to pressure after that, and was rewarded when Rafa first made a turnover, then peed his pants on the blueline. Nice passing. 4-1. The Wings had a few chances, but mostly just defended well for the rest of the period.

More limericks:
There once was a fella named Darren
With speed like an F1 McLaren
When he shot and he scored
Well the crowd, yes they roared
and the goalie, his heart was left barren.

We once had a matey called Danger
Was born far away in a manger
And his speed was insane
Like Usain on cocaine
And to shorthanded goals was no stranger.

The Wings started the third sloppily and Jimmah had to come up huge on a breakaway. Sadly, bad defense by Lils and Lebda allowed Ward to make it 4-2 a bit later. Nashville then got 2 PPs. They were killed off beautifully. And then the Wings got a PP. They didn't score, but got momentum for some more pressure. In the last minute the Preds pulled their goalie and with 3 seconds left, Hank settled it. 5-2

There once was this fella from Sweden
And his goals shared the beauty of (LeAnne) Tweeden
Took the puck to the net
Easy goal, win they get
A good night of sleep awaits me then

Already posted this on Twitter, and it's unrelated, but I will post it again for luck:
There once was a dickface named Gary,
Who said "Sidney, will you me marry?"
But Sidney said "no,
to Pierre I will go,
and together, the nation we'll carry"

- I love seeing Dangle dangle like only dangle does.
- Weber got hurt. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.
- I hereby nickname Helm "Usain".
- Wow, Bert is really sucking these days.

Keys to the game
- Can Howard come back and show us why Babs gave him the chance?
In the first he was safe, but didn't have to do much. In the second he was great. No fault on the goal. Not on the second either. Good game.

- Pasha's line and Z's line has had one good game each since the Olympics. Which line will step up tonight?
Pavel's line was huge. The vettes were great too.

- Can we please have sixty consistently good minutes?
The first 30 were amazing. For the next ten they were more defensive, but did it well. In the third they seemed a bit out of it at times, but they pulled through.

Play of the game
The first goal. Dangle time!

Player of the game
Darren "Danger" "Usain" Helm

Like Bubba and like stuff...

So, Smashville, the team with the lamest catchphrase ever comes in tonight. I'd call it a do or die game, but I hate cliches and I'd kinda have to deny that if the team loses. But still I cannot help feeling that this game will give us a pointer on how this season is gonna end, and I am sorry, but I just don't feel good about this one. We're gonna need a serious improvement from the Nucks game at all levels, not least, from Howard.

Keys to the game
- Can Howard come back and show us why Babs gave him the chance?
- Pasha's line and Z's line has had one good game each since the Olympics. Which line will step up tonight?
- Can we please have sixty consistently good minutes?

Thursday, March 4, 2010


SaraNeuie, who comments here from time to time and makes signs in Swedish for the players have started her own photo blog. And if you are of the kind who already can describe your Yzerman posters and Lidström hockey cards in explicit detail, then you should head over to A Neuie Perspective.

That Smell

That stunk. I gave up after the second period, but hadn't recapped more than the first. I don't feel like recapping more of it either. Sucakge...

Even though I don't touch drugs, this song still sums up the feeling of my hangover right now, and it's an awesome song, so you should listen to it now. It's a nice lullaby after a game like this:

One bar in Vienna took pictures of us and put them online. So finally some pictures of me post haircut (but with a REALLY bad hair day). I am the guy in the Abercrombie shirt: One and two.

The game started with the Wings looking good and in control. Sadly, after four minutes, Kronner was horribly misplaced, Cleary couldn't get back and stop Kesler, and Jimmah let in a softie. The Wings looked weak after that and the Canucks had most of the pressure. Then, towards the end, Jason Williams let off a BLAST of a one-time from the top of the circle and made it a tie game. Now I suddently remember why JWil is a Red Wing. But right after that, Kronner stepped on a puck and started a play that ended in Burrows giving the the Canucks the lead with a freak tip-in. No more goals in the first

(Lack of coherent) Thoughts
- I feel like Todd Bertuzzi doesn't care anymore.

Keys to the game (and my heart)
- Can Dangle be good yet again?
Pasha showed off some dangle and some nice passing. Now and then he really needs to keep it more simple, but mainly he was good.

- How bout another good game of effort and skill?
They seemed like losing some wind after the first goal against. They were also at times very sloppy.

- Jimmah was good, but had one bad goal last game. How will he be tonight?
Some great saves, but the first goal was BAD.

Play of the game

Player of the game
Neil Strauss. No seriously,