Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's alive?!?!?!?!

It's a bird, it's a plane.... it's a phoenix risen from the ashes?

Nope... It's just me needing a place to rant.

Been a couple of years...

Talk about a fucking impulse decision. I poured my heart and soul into this thingy for more than a year. Then it stopped being fun. I felt like I needed to recap stuff. To write stuff. To be funny. To frequently update. It became a chore, not something I did for fun. So I tried other stuff... same thing. Well, no more. I'm gonna fucking write here when I fucking wanna. When I'm provoked. When I care. When I have something to say. I need a place to vent. And what better place than here. My new followers might wanna check out some of the old stuff. Most of it is obsolete, but the 25:19 series, the videos and most of all, the day in the life series is pretty damn good and funny. If I might say so myself.

But fuck that, that's not why I am here. This is a place I will rave. I will rant. I will sing praises. And I will likely even ignore this place at times cause I have nothing to say. I'm done with the blogworld, with previews and recaps. But I have shit to say. Enough with the procrastinating already, Andy! Here we go...

So, I don't like a warring fanbase more than anyone else. But fuck, it won't stop me from being honest about how I fucking feel. (If you're new here... I swear. A lot). I have been for Babcock's firing for a couple of years now. Almost 2 years to be exact. I started getting bad feeling almost 2 years before that, but it took a while. Towards the end of the 2010/2011 regular season is when I concluded that he had to go. Since voicing this, I've been routinely unfollowed, I've been told I'm a bad fan, I've heard it all.

I'm not gonna go through everything that is wrong with the Wings in this post... it'll take time. I just need to get 2 things off my chest.

First of all: Being critical of a player, several playes (every player, but I'm not), Babcock or Kenny does not make me a bad fan. I am loyal to the Detroit Red Wings. Those three words. That logo. Those jerseys. That's what I am loyal to. I might love the Illitches, I might have loved both Kenny and Babs. I might love some of the players and have loved some others, but my loyalty is to the Wings logo. I want the Wings to win. If someone is a detriment to that, I want them gone. Team over individuals. And if I think the teams or the organization has weaknesses needed to be adressed to win, I sure as hell will point them out.

Yeah, a team with a fanbase who freaks out at the first sign of anything wrong, that fires coaches every other week, will go nowhere. But so will a team that has a fanbase that accepts everything. And in this Wings fanbase everything and everyone have gotten so sacred, that criticism makes you a bad fan, an idiot. And I see a lot of people being accused of this, and I'm tired of it. I've accepted that a few people regarding themselves an elite have taken over the Wings blog world and frozen the ones doing it for fun out, but on Twitter we should be open to different views. If someone thinks Babs should go, that Holland is too careful, that some player needs to go, or that no one needs to go, then ridicule is not the damn answer. Discussion is. Stop greeting every dissenting response and opinion with ridicule. It looks shitty as fuck.  And fuck me did me piss me off to hear "where are the Abdelkader haters now" all over my feed when he scored that hat trick. It was the first worthwhile thing he did all season. It takes more than a game, more than a week. He has been decent since, but he's still far from proving that he deserves a spot in this line up.

I think Babcock has lost this team, I think he has grown complacent and so have the players. He's a great coach for a few years, but that's his sell by date. He is past it. He is too stubborn to change lines he sees doesn't work. He is too stubborn to change his tactics even when every team has figured them out. He needs to go. I'd love to be proven wrong, but don't call me a bad fan for thinking that.

I think that Hank has relaxed since he got his deal. Not given his all. Not been the dominant Z we were once used to. I think giving him the C was at most a last ditch effort to wake some fire in him. It failed. He is still talented, but the dominance and fire has gone.

I think Mule is done. I think Filppula never had the balls and determination to get to where he could be. I think we have no top 2 defenders. I think we need to find a replacement for Pavel BEFORE he leaves. I think Kindl, Cleary and Emmerton bring nothing to this team and that Abdelkader needs to prove consistency before this season ends. He is also shit as a grinder and always fights at the wrong time. I like Tooto's grit, but he too has never fought at a time when it mattered.  I say this because I'm a fan and want the best for my team, not to prop them up with soft pillows.

This team, this year... It could do a Kings and win the cup... Sure. This Wings team is weaker than that Kings team. Don't fool yourself. But we've seen that when everything clicks, this Wings team can be pretty good. So if they catch fire and some luck, they'll win the cup. But chances of that are 3 %. And I get that we're not doing anything now. I think, that had Kenny been active early on this deadline, he could have gotten a lot of what he needed for a quick fix, for a deep run, cheaply. But he didn't. Now it's too late.

But this is a fucking trend. Summer 09. We lose several key guys, we sign Bertuzzi and some players I don't even wanna mention. Summer 10, Nothing to better the team. Summer 11, we lose Rafalski and get White... yeah, that's not exactly replacing someone. And we enter the season with TONS of cap space.  Summer 12, we lose NICKLAS FUCKING LIDSTRÖM, THE BEST PLAYER OF A GENERATION AND WE DO NOTHING! NOTHING! Tootoo, Gus and Samuelsson together are worth about as much as the tape on Nick's hockey socks. Maybe less. And all of these years, we do nothing at the deadline. At deadline we hear that deadline deals are too expensive, rentals and we'll do stuff in summer. Players returning from injuries are our deadline acquistions. In summer we sing a couple of mediocre twats who do zero to make the team better, and get to hear that the market was bad, there will be better next summer (when we do the same) and that it's nice to have room to have some fun at the deadline (when we do nothing). And we lose in the 1st or 2nd round every year.

I am not falling for that shit anymore. The Wings are filled with a bunch of players, especially the veterans who know that Ken Holland is undyingly loyal to them. Even though they, unlike Malts, Stevie, Drapes, Mac etc, the guys that made Kenny loyal cause they worked their butts off, aren't deserving of it. Today's guys don't go out to lead by example, they don't go out to win no matter what, hell or hight water. They don't go out to play for their contracts and careers and a team in their hearts. They don't. Also, a few guys on the Wings just don't have the talent.

Mike Babcock doesn't coach for his career or position or anything. He is just chilling with the dudes he likes. Refuses to change lines, other than when lines are clicking, refuses to explain himself and refuses to tear his team a new one when shit goes bad. Loss? Optional skate. Shit, I played for fucking junior team, and if we lost to ANYONE we were bag skated every damn practice until the next game. Tell ya what? We sure as hell never lost two in a row.

This team has a SHIT mentality. SHIT. They don't go out there with confidence. They go out there with hope. Man Utd (who I hate) play like shit 70 % of their games, but win cause they know they're gonna. My hockey team was the same. Being down was a nuisance. We knew we'd catch up. The Wings used to be the same way. Now they wait for something bad to happen. We need a coach and Captain that can start changing that. We need a team that buys into it.

And most of all... it has felt like since 08 that all we wanna do is stand pat. We have this playoff streak. I'm proud of it, you're proud of it etc... Great stuff. We don't wanna risk it. But Kenny doesn't wanna risk it at all. Rather than make the moves to make us a true contender and then maybe because of loss of picks/space/whatever we'd suffer in 2-3-5 years, he does little both at the deadline and in summer and stands pat. Better to be stuck at keeping the streak alive and fucking up in the 2 first rounds.

FUCK  NO! I think that with a bit of daring and smartness we can make the playoffs most years and be contenders in several of them. But in a worst case thing, I'll take 3 years as contenders, 3 years rebuilding etc over and over, over this. Or 5-5, whatever. In the end, we remember cups. That's the goal. Shit seasons are forgiven when we win cups. 1 cup is worth more than a 50 year playoff streak if that streak has no cups. We might be spoiled, but this team exists to win cups. Either fight for a cup now or rebuild for a cup run. Choose. Its not the pre-cap or early-cap era Holland. You have to change your ways, gamble. Let young guys play earlier, take a chance, over pay for a TRUE star etc. It's how the league works now. Sorry. If not, we'll be left in the fucking dust.  It needs to change this summer. Big revamp. Minumum 2 new stars. That is what we need. Cups or nothing. Cups are ALL that matters.

If we don't will I stop rooting for the Wings? Never. Never ever. But it is what we need to do. Do it.

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